Five Minute Writing

    Five Minute Writing

Though multi, multi miles away
A ray of light connects with me
And chromosomes we cannot see
But visualise as imagery,
Which some call a fantasy
Created by cerebral-ty.

And talk about cerebral-ty
It is the best celebrity
One can
Be fan of,
Not to calibrate but celebrate.
And why some try and some do not,
Not caring why we live and rot…
Is mystery.

As for the life before and after,
While our present’s in the middle:
That’s a riddle, goodness knows,
Since goodness seems to be a key.

I slumber while I meditatively,
Am one of the instinctively
Quadrillion number
Who seek connectivity,
Five Minute Writing 6.19.2022 God Book II; I Is always You Os We;Arlene Nover Corwin

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