Writing Junkie

           Writing Junkie

What started out as impulse, unpredictable
Has turned into a habit,
Irresistible, I addict
As predictable as addicts are.

I need my hour
To prescribe what’s in my mind:
Anything from A to Z
Setting off the ‘high’ of writing.
Brain has a dependency
On me, and I dependency on it.
What’s writ
Is co-dependency,
Each needing t’other for support.
It’s but to keep them heathy,
Bodily and psychologically.

Together they make me
And gosh darn poetry:
Harmless, educational, informative,
Funny or ridiculous but never pointless
Even when one’s out of joint.**
Most of all, when verse is done,
It is, has been
The pinnacle, the apex and the peak
of fun.
Writing Junkie 6.23.2022 Te Proscesses; Creatvey, thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

*out of joint
(of a joint of the body) out of position; dislocated: he put his hip out of joint.

  • * in a state of disorder or disorientation: time was thrown completely out of joint.

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