One Day After Midsummer, Sweden June 25, 2022

One Day After Midsummer, Sweden June 25, 2022

One day after.
Celebrated to the rafters:
A first fest since twenty-nineteen,
A pandemic in between.

Pot luck party with the neighbours
Strawberries up to our ears
Drinks (wink, wink) of every sort;
Dancing round the summer birch,
The pole
Stuck into beach lawn hole,
All decorated – glorious!

Oh, if you all could have seen
What we had done
To make the most for those who came…
To say“fun”
Would play down all the play
Of this great, first midsummer day.

It’s downhill now from this day onward.
By July the days will shorten,
Forward to and toward December twenty-one
When light will start to show again.
As for now, this Swedish day
Is heavenly,
One Day After Midsummer 6,25,2922 Circling Round Nature II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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