Change & Alteration

I guess this is always on my mind, one way or another.

Change & Alteration

When one is young
One never thinks of alteration.
Then time’s bridge becomes the altar
On which offering makes its demands.
Those tattoos and signs we thought
Belonged to beauty,
Decay, deform – duty done,
Gone the charm,
Informing us that time is king, queen, prince,
Taking at their will, the price.

Change not only superficial, no, oh, no.
Growing inside, growing out
Skin, bones, organs, brain the root
Branded by the lifetime ride.
All the stuff inside
With alterations of their own;
Things you’ve known no longer there,
God knows where
(perhaps a planet of a star)
A joke, but nonetheless
Bleached, fewer, yes,
They’re less.

To summarise:
Stuff will rise or disappear.
Yet, the most important is:
There’s you in there;
To praise, to keep,
Still useful, reaping the rewards
Of age through wisdom:

There is no hanging on to past.
Past week, past year – the last, past minute.
You’re not in it.
You are now.
New contentment, self-restraint the holy cow.
Change is only reconstruction, variation,
Evolution, adaptation.
Fate’s parade not to be ‘fraid of.
Even possibly to love.
Time will show long as you live.
Change&Alteration 6.27.2022 Circling Round Almost Everything; Arlene Corwin Nover

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