Ogling A Frog

     Ogling A Frog

Sitting on the lawn
Fawning over a sweet frog.
Sitting long,
Though she is not concerned with me;.
( I have a feeling she’s in pregnancy)
Quite still, eyes closed, I wonder,
Should I move her to the lake?
Should I let her nature do its take
And let her rest, not interfere?
I’m here, about to google
What it is I ogle.

Humans, (me) with best intentions
Meant to help a process,
Often hindering the access
To the things it misses –
Jaunty frog a case I point.
We meddle, tamper, intervene,
Mess with, getting in between
What’s meant and our intent.

And so, I’ll leave this poem for now
And google what and how
To treat the sweet and pregnant(?) frog
I’m goggling at.
Ogling a Frog 6.28.2022 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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