The Tick-Tock Of My Inner Clock

What do you think?

The Tick-Tock Of My Inner Clock

An avid, friendly reader asked,
“What makes you tick?
Not slick but humbly put,
She said,
“Easy flow… delivery;
Great content, such high calibre;
Well thought-out,
Immaculately crafted…
Who are you? What makes you tick?”
Such compliment itself poetic!

I had to think.
With modest spunk and ego shrunk
I owed it to my inner mind
And to this person to define and find
The best and truest answer.

‘Who I am has many sides:
The person who decides
The now-est of the now,
The actions, choices; voices
Which should be as should,
But are not always the most good.

‘Who I am’ supplies each verse
For better/worse, to my surprise
Pea-brained or wise –
Each thought and phrase without disguise.

What I’m trying hard to say is this:
Spontaneity, plus care and work
Is how and that my inner clock
Is always jerking me around
In efforts to not be profound, confound,
But be instinctive and instructive,
Making art and gift productive,

Clear and effortless in reading;
Writing what the mind kneading,
Never fomenting unrest,
Striving at my best
To search and write from ‘in the moment’;.
Obedient to every fragment, every pigment,
Every vibrant, potent treatment
Defrocking any poppycock:
The tick-tock of my inner clock.
The Tick-Tock Of My Inner Clock 6.30.2022 Pure Nakedness II; The Processes:Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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