Another Universe

 Another Universe

Changing with the years,
The weight of emphasis:
Teddy bears and child tears
To being clear of childish fears;
Pencilled cursives to computer verses;
Baby baths to playing jazz;
Rules of school to freedom’s tools,
Emphasis its own insistence.

Course unknown,
Shown alone by linking chains,
Emphatic and dramatic
In the attic of the brain.

Another universe:
Unfathomed inspiration
Borne by gene determination
And persona validation.

This, my current metered skin;
Universes in and out, out and in.
Just one more variation
Of the endlessness of millions.
Another Universe 7.30.2022 Circling Round Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

Circling Round Continuance

Circling Round Continuance

Something we all want:
Perhaps perpetuation.

In one or other form
To carry on un-quavering,
A quasar’s energy
Prolonged and in our favor;

Starlike but with no black holes.
Not quasi- this or that but whole
In all our roles and aspects.

Wholly good, nice, kind and healthy.
Hale, hearty, nothing partly.
Not too much to ask for
When the thought behind is pure,
Eller hur?**
Circiing Round Continuance 7 30.2022
(Swedish idiom: Aren’t I right? Isn’t it so?)
Circiing Round Continuance 7 30.2022 Circling Round Experience; Reality; Life, Death & In Between III;, Arlene Nover Corwin
**(Swedish idiom: Aren’t I right? Isn’t it so?

 Examining Repentance&Regret

I’ve been examining
Repentance and its sorriness,
Remorseful sadness, sordidness:
Pangs of conscience
Followed by by appreciation, gratitude and gladness:

Mental essences;
One word processes,
Deep, complex and simple
Useful, good, bad, temporal.

Repentance is sincere remorse;
Not morse code,
But shrouded by a new found flood
Of understanding, heart and mind.

The daily mind is boring.
Snoring thoughts jar spontaneity.
Lapses’ naps mean no new synapse;
Meditative schnapps is probably the key.

Worth a try
To make the time go by

You may have nothing you regret
And nothing to repent.
Time spent on earth is surely
Filled with your young un-readiness,
The steadiness of growing older
Will and does reveal the lot,
Bringing out the themes, the plot
That plot existence.

All you’ve got to do is
Learn to meditate,
Watch, act and wait,
Cool, calm – dispassionate.
Examining Repentance&Regret 7.29.2022; Circling Round Reality, Existence, Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin



It’s hard to clarify
How grateful feels.
What gratitude feels like – If it ‘feels’ at all.
We often give a “thank you”
But just how ‘thank you’ feels is hard to tell.

We tip our hats, show recognition,
Feel a sense of obligation.
Happiness, appreciation:
Does one feel it, does it show
Where and how, the real sensation
Unspecific as a cloud.

I’ve sensed regret and self-reproach;
Felt self-botched down to the bone;
Things I’ve done or haven’t done,
And I suppose
Twinned to those nouns
Are feelings and acknowledgements
Of circumstances, and those
People who, by destiny
Have landed like a gross of roses
And with a helpful hand stand closest by
To leave me doused unselfishly
With tenderness, goodwill and sympathy.

Did I ‘feel’ gratitude?.
While never rude, crude or imbued
I was nought ever good enough
To feel the attitude I off, on the cuff.

But now it’s come.
Overcome with recognition
I can laugh, cry, hum –
The sense of comprehension overwhelming.

I am grateful and aware –
Affectionate and caring.
Thankful for the smallest gifts,
Which gifts sift constantly
Through drifts of hard and soft alike,
‘Gratitude’ no platitude
But living an incessant mood.
Grattude 7.24.2022 Circling Round Existence; Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

It’s Jazz When I Cook

I do so hope this makes poetic sense to you. It was fun to create. (e.g, the double entendre ‘cook’)

it’s Jazz When I Cook

It’s jazz when I cook,
It’s jazz when I play.
It’s musical jazz
Cool and cooking and, and… all the way!

I can’t think of any means better
Than bringing out meter
To liberate brighter and sweeter
Intelligence’ instinct in improvisation;
A life built on nowness;
And less on
Pre-planning.and much preparation.

When jazz is well played
They say said “Boy, was he cooking!”
“Smoking hot!”
“Man does he rock!”
There is no better compliment,
Than this accomplishment!

Jazz that can equalise
Music and mayonnaise:
Bases of all – a means and a goal.
“A Night in Tunisia,” Dizzy’s ambrosia:
My ataraxia**

Not just a craze or a phase
But a handclasp and grasp
In a class all its own.
Jazz is the best of the genres honed
Ever since harmony’s tone zone, tuned melody started.
Created, discovered, uncovered…
Who knows?
It’s Jazz When I Cook 7.24.2022 Vaguely about Music; Arlene Nover Corwin
** my peace of mind.

Berries By The Litre

Berries By The Litre

Picking berries by the litre,
Litres turning into meters;
Never do they peter out
No matter how I route them out.

Tomorrow I’ll go back
My double handled plastic cup
Racking up
A zillion more
To freeze for winter
When the body needs it most.

A toast to berries blue with health –
Great to stick into the mouth,
The froth a broth and hymn to growth
And body’s wealth;
A treasure chest for heart, eyes, skin,
With vitamins and minerals
Essential anthocyanins.
Henceforth, I am a berry fan,
Much more devoted than
I’ve ever been.
Berries By The Litre 7.19.2022 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Personifying Deity (not for everyone, I understand)

Personifying Deity

Intellect does not mean character,
Character not intellect.
A leader can be very smart.
Though part corrupted, very suspect.

One of virtue
May not have a high IQ
But bear the wisdom of the ages.
Like the greatest of the sages.

Do not be a snob
Who fobbing off the lesser man,
Who finer, wiser than
Those presidents of falsity
Empathetically sobs for a suffering humanity.

Goodness, kindness, love the key
Is what we aim to have, to see;
Personifying deity,
Whatever He or She may be.

Maybe for the likes of you,
Maybe for the likes of me,
But still the goal that we
Should strive to follow and/or emulate and copy.
Personifying Deity 7.19.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Another Birthday Thought Or Two

 Written in the middle of the night by hand; virtually un-understandable.  Trying now to make it plain, decipher and unravel what looks like a babbled rabble of slight thought out syllables*

Here goes.

 Another Birthday Thought Or Two

A birthday is to celebrate.
For that one date, if not then, when?
You wait for it to come again –
A kind of goal
To point to as the year’s life whole:
A small prestige, a rose corsage,
Yet a mirage – a bunch of numbers.
More behind, less in front;
Fire, embers;
The amount, a count
That grows
and goes
Repeatedly –
But not eternally.
So think it through.
The birthday is not you
But more a thought or two.
So where, when, how or who,
Happy all of the days you’re due!
Another Birthday Thought Or Two 7.14.2022 Birthday Book Arlene Nover Corwin

  • In the end I could only make out a few words, a line or two. Thus, a new poem emerged.

Sweetie Pie Sixty Six

Sweetie Pies, Sixty-Six

Sweetie pie,
T’was yesterday
You were a boy,
The month a hot July,
The baby carriage parked outside:
To take a ride
Some four years later
To LA: warm California.

The years not fixed,
You growing,
Years still going.

Sweetie pie,.
Enjoy the day, the year entire!
With our love, and with good cheer,
Hearts in third gear
We wish you a day one can’t buy!

Kisses, hugs,
No sumer bugs
But big, big bags
Of jollity
On this your birthday.
Sweetie Pie Sixty-Six 7.24.2022 Birthday Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

Need One Run Out Of Inspiration

Need One Run Out Of Inspiration?

Need one run out of inspiration,
Turn off production?
There’s always something going on
Outside your brain,
Aiming at or raining down
On something that excites a plan.

One has but to drink some caffeine,
Drink it up, (one cup will do)
And subject to your character,
Give it line, design and genus.

Breathing in (you always do)
It’s but to screw your head in that direction,
Then at your discretion
Drum it up and drum it out,
Dreaming, scheming, humming, shouting.
With results that melt into results
That you’ve alone created
Out of your innate

You need will, of course;
Energy that comes from paws
Willing to start, pause, start again
Until you rich an end
you’re happy with.

While thoughts bequeath,
While you unearth a thought beneath,
Have faith, belief
Because – with paws and pauses, claws and clauses
One need never run out, but
Keep breathing as you’re teething.
Need One Run Out Of Inspiration?6.18.2022The Processes: Creative,Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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