Good Yoga II

Good Yoga II

Good yoga lies in detail; yes,
The insignificant toenail,
Stuff to which you never pay attention,
Never listen for or mention
You, the living being that consists
Of teeny, tiny-nesses,
Which you should detect, inspect,
Respect, because It’s you. Why not?
You are the only you you’ve got,
What you are made of, based on.
You have nothing better than
To know it In its parts:
Its limits, weaknesses and strengths:
Its opposites in all its bits.
Yoga fits
Into the everything you do.
The understanding leading to
A union with the highest you:
The truest that exists.
Good Yoga II 2.26.2013Revised 7.2.2022 Circling Round Yoga; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Corwin

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