Writing Junkie

 Writing Junkie

What started out as impulse, unpredictable
Has turned into a habit,
Irresistible, I addict
As predictable as addicts are.

I need my hour
To prescribe what’s in my mind:
Anything from A to Z
Setting off the ‘high’ of writing.
Brain has a dependency
On me, and I dependency on it.
What’s writ
Is co-dependency,
Each needing t’other for support.
It’s but to keep them heathy,
Bodily and psychologically.

Together they make me
And the gosh darn poetry
Harmless, educational, informative,
Funny or ridiculous but never pointless
Even when one’s out of joint.**
Most of all, when verse is done,
It is, has been
The pinnacle, the apex and the peak
Of fun.
Writing Junkie 6.23.2022 The Processes; Creativity, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*out of joint
(of a joint of the body) out of position; dislocated: he put his hip out of joint.

  • * in a state of disorder or disorientation: time was thrown completely out of joint.

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