All The Best Mystics

All The Best Mystics

Written 2009, re-discovered and brought up to date: 2020.

All the best mystics know
To go for help you lean on It.
(To call It God leaves out
Those closest non-believer kin
Whose sadness or depression
One would gladly stock with stacks
Of words for all those secular
To share.

Mysticism: the belief
That knowledge of the ultimate
Comes through the instinct and the intellect
To one who looks for union
With the It through contemplation,
Meditation, observation, exploration…

All the best of mystics
Throw themselves, their day, their minute onto It
Through repetition:
Soulful scientists experimenting.

Throwing troubles to the winds,
Knowing pleasures are but time-borne whims,
Thanking It or God
Where all becomes a boundless good,
The mystic seeks the absolute,
Believing you can penetrate
The truths beyond the daily state
By unity with deity,
Or whatsoever you relate to.

Not a system or religion,
Mysticism is a gate to
All that is.
Without the need for piety.
All The Best Mystics 7.10.2022 To The Child Mystic II; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin

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