Need One Run Out Of Inspiration

Need One Run Out Of Inspiration?

Need one run out of inspiration,
Turn off production?
There’s always something going on
Outside your brain,
Aiming at or raining down
On something that excites a plan.

One has but to drink some caffeine,
Drink it up, (one cup will do)
And subject to your character,
Give it line, design and genus.

Breathing in (you always do)
It’s but to screw your head in that direction,
Then at your discretion
Drum it up and drum it out,
Dreaming, scheming, humming, shouting.
With results that melt into results
That you’ve alone created
Out of your innate

You need will, of course;
Energy that comes from paws
Willing to start, pause, start again
Until you rich an end
you’re happy with.

While thoughts bequeath,
While you unearth a thought beneath,
Have faith, belief
Because – with paws and pauses, claws and clauses
One need never run out, but
Keep breathing as you’re teething.
Need One Run Out Of Inspiration?6.18.2022The Processes: Creative,Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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