Another Birthday Thought Or Two

 Written in the middle of the night by hand; virtually un-understandable.  Trying now to make it plain, decipher and unravel what looks like a babbled rabble of slight thought out syllables*

Here goes.

 Another Birthday Thought Or Two

A birthday is to celebrate.
For that one date, if not then, when?
You wait for it to come again –
A kind of goal
To point to as the year’s life whole:
A small prestige, a rose corsage,
Yet a mirage – a bunch of numbers.
More behind, less in front;
Fire, embers;
The amount, a count
That grows
and goes
Repeatedly –
But not eternally.
So think it through.
The birthday is not you
But more a thought or two.
So where, when, how or who,
Happy all of the days you’re due!
Another Birthday Thought Or Two 7.14.2022 Birthday Book Arlene Nover Corwin

  • In the end I could only make out a few words, a line or two. Thus, a new poem emerged.

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