Personifying Deity (not for everyone, I understand)

Personifying Deity

Intellect does not mean character,
Character not intellect.
A leader can be very smart.
Though part corrupted, very suspect.

One of virtue
May not have a high IQ
But bear the wisdom of the ages.
Like the greatest of the sages.

Do not be a snob
Who fobbing off the lesser man,
Who finer, wiser than
Those presidents of falsity
Empathetically sobs for a suffering humanity.

Goodness, kindness, love the key
Is what we aim to have, to see;
Personifying deity,
Whatever He or She may be.

Maybe for the likes of you,
Maybe for the likes of me,
But still the goal that we
Should strive to follow and/or emulate and copy.
Personifying Deity 7.19.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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