Berries By The Litre

Berries By The Litre

Picking berries by the litre,
Litres turning into meters;
Never do they peter out
No matter how I route them out.

Tomorrow I’ll go back
My double handled plastic cup
Racking up
A zillion more
To freeze for winter
When the body needs it most.

A toast to berries blue with health –
Great to stick into the mouth,
The froth a broth and hymn to growth
And body’s wealth;
A treasure chest for heart, eyes, skin,
With vitamins and minerals
Essential anthocyanins.
Henceforth, I am a berry fan,
Much more devoted than
I’ve ever been.
Berries By The Litre 7.19.2022 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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