It’s Jazz When I Cook

I do so hope this makes poetic sense to you. It was fun to create. (e.g, the double entendre ‘cook’)

it’s Jazz When I Cook

It’s jazz when I cook,
It’s jazz when I play.
It’s musical jazz
Cool and cooking and, and… all the way!

I can’t think of any means better
Than bringing out meter
To liberate brighter and sweeter
Intelligence’ instinct in improvisation;
A life built on nowness;
And less on
Pre-planning.and much preparation.

When jazz is well played
They say said “Boy, was he cooking!”
“Smoking hot!”
“Man does he rock!”
There is no better compliment,
Than this accomplishment!

Jazz that can equalise
Music and mayonnaise:
Bases of all – a means and a goal.
“A Night in Tunisia,” Dizzy’s ambrosia:
My ataraxia**

Not just a craze or a phase
But a handclasp and grasp
In a class all its own.
Jazz is the best of the genres honed
Ever since harmony’s tone zone, tuned melody started.
Created, discovered, uncovered…
Who knows?
It’s Jazz When I Cook 7.24.2022 Vaguely about Music; Arlene Nover Corwin
** my peace of mind.

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