Examining Repentance&Regret

I’ve been examining
Repentance and its sorriness,
Remorseful sadness, sordidness:
Pangs of conscience
Followed by by appreciation, gratitude and gladness:

Mental essences;
One word processes,
Deep, complex and simple
Useful, good, bad, temporal.

Repentance is sincere remorse;
Not morse code,
But shrouded by a new found flood
Of understanding, heart and mind.

The daily mind is boring.
Snoring thoughts jar spontaneity.
Lapses’ naps mean no new synapse;
Meditative schnapps is probably the key.

Worth a try
To make the time go by

You may have nothing you regret
And nothing to repent.
Time spent on earth is surely
Filled with your young un-readiness,
The steadiness of growing older
Will and does reveal the lot,
Bringing out the themes, the plot
That plot existence.

All you’ve got to do is
Learn to meditate,
Watch, act and wait,
Cool, calm – dispassionate.
Examining Repentance&Regret 7.29.2022; Circling Round Reality, Existence, Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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