I Repeat Myself

I Repeat Myself

I repeat myself, I know I do.
But so do you, (do we not all?)
There is a thread inside the head;
A theme, a style the big and small propensities,
Systems, tendencies,
Born with, born to,
To which, if we’re true
Will lead to those realities,
Masked beneath the ordinaries.

So I argue for the case:
Do what you do,
Say what you say,
Develop in directions that lay in your way,
Your special way;
For underneath
The outer cloth
You are exceptional, yes, singular.
Go on being what you are.
For what you are is all the things that make you to
The unique star
You are.
I Repeat Myself7.31.2022 Pure Nakedness II; I Is AlwaysYo Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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