Is It A Permanent Change?

 Is It A Permanent Change?

(refections once again on ageing)

A lasting change in life?
A long-term change in the bio- graph?A
A wrist stops working,
Hip displaced while walking;
Painful thumb, forearm numb….
Not just senseless, just plain dumb.

The body that obeyed each whim;
(Gender her or him).
The scattering of symptoms there
And poof!
The puzzling matters much in need of proof.
Some part or other ‘all the bother’!
Organ, limb, muscle, skin… outside, in…

One hopes it’s transient,
Yet it’s there;
Everywhere a part that’s tender.
It would seem the seams are ripping,
Tripping over one another.

What to wait for or expect?
What the heck!
Neck in neck, doctors, tests –
MDs are not always best;
Recommended drugs and training, diet, rest…
This undressed quest…
all the rest
On and on
While clowning, frowning body parts
Go slowly down,
The ageing waging body’s groan.
A Permanent Change 8.1.2022 Birth, Death &InBetween III; Circling Round Ageing; Arlene Nover Corwin

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