Thirty-Five Billion Years

Thirty-Five Billion Years

After just one week
The Webb Space telescope
Has one week chopped
After breaking its own record stop!
A faint red smudge
That doesn’t budge
‘Peering’ back to times and stars:
Symbolically and allegorically
Jazz friendly and spontaneously tuneful bars.

Light has speed.
It can be measured.
Twinned with time, coloured red.
Enabling super telescopes to lead
The light for us to see.
Such senstiivity!

Mind boggling
While I’m goggling!
In its never-slumber
Lies an unimaginable number.
Yet, and yet, there may be more
Measured solely by its color!

What’s in a year?
Spectroscopes are keeping score.
Temperature, composition, helium and hydrogen
To carbon, oxygen
And gold!
Is that what’s meant by growing old?
God knows.
Yes, just, fair-minded source God knows!
Thirty-Five Billion Years 8.2.2022 Circling Round Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

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