People Who Take Showers

One of my less standard thoughts.

People Who Take Showers

People who take showers only,
Never sitting in the tub
Never get to scrub their toes
Or heels and soles, the undisclosed;
Can’t massage the skin
That’s hidden,
Sending messages
To parts that daily pound the ground.

Bathtub takers
Sense they are the shakers of
The cleansing world,
While shower-ers just stand
And glower at the grandly warming power
Of the globs that do their comfy jobs
With bubbly foams of soapy suds.

Let it be known that this bath taker
Shall remain proponent and fakir
Of the immersion in a long hot bath,
The perfect purifying path
For body, mind and sole.
People Who Take Showers 8.4.2022 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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