In The Form Of A Phrase

Facebook asks “What’s on your mind, Arlene?”
My answer: It comes in the form of a phrase.

 In The Form Of A Phrase

It comes in the form of a phrase,
Expands into something like verse.
Forcing a process, or bringing it forth
With a depth, breadth and width
From someplace beneath,
In a place undefined.

Thirsting and bursting,
A spurting heat flowing
From some beat unknowing
Where one owns on loan
Inspiration, inventiveness, artistry, vision.

Some vague place rooted in
Start, middle, end;
Grasped by the flow that befriends
In a summing-up.
And so, you stop,
Hoping that what you have written
Is good, valid, durable,
Near to all, done by all,
Clear, recognisable.

In essence fired,
Inspired by
Pyres of phrases.
It Comes In The Form Of A Phrase 8.4.2018Revised 8.5.2022 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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