What Are Followers?

What Are Followers?
(to all of you in quest of fame)

Followers are fickle ticklers;
Followers will not keep touch
Once you are missing, clicking
Onto someone else.
Followers who are not stalkers
Walk away when you are gone,
Running to the next attraction –
Process ‘follow’ an illusion.

Poor girl, woman, boy, man, fellow,
Seeking out a means to tell all,
Show all, beg for screams of praise, it seems;
Dreams of recognition based on zero.

Fame may have its benefits, its perks benign.
That’s all fine,
But benefits have limits.
To get followers quickly as a comet, bullet, rocket
Is a bucket full of you-know-what.

Lessons one two, three:
Work at what you’re meant to be!
All the rest (the best) will follow.
Not the hollowness of bubble,
Nor the rigour of decease
But a fulness, joy and peace
Spontaneous, unceasing.
What Are Followers? 8.5.2021/Revised 8.5.2022 Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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