Struggles For Artistry

Struggles For Artistry

She struggles with each, every
Verb, conjunction,
Article, participle, pronoun & noun
To better brain;
Maintain the arts, even the smart parts,
The, then á la carte parts.

To get a comment as a compliment
Is to receive in depth
That which was written with
And opthamologist’s approach.

Struggling is striving, re-examining…
Not a toil, spoiling happiness or confidence
But living, giving, sieving,
Making every effort in one’s dense
(perhaps) and limited intelligence.
To do one’s best;
Take a crack at, have a go at
Straining, ‘braining’, all the rest.

In the end, for there is aways end,
Resulting art sends rivers of contentment,
Shivers of contentment
Every vent and pore, each aperture
That says to her,
“You’ve written something good and true,
So thanks.” And then
She sends it out into the many*
Struggles For Artistry 8.7.2022 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

*.and I sometimes get inspiring, favourable comments to which I reply:
“Hey, thanks so much! As I replied to so&so, about the poem 35 Billion Years, “I hardly know anything about those things mathematical, but I suppose it’s my philosophical nature that allows me to receive how I react and how I write and approach anything that takes my interest. It’s all a big wondrous mystery”.

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