Do You Believe In Signs?

If “Do You Believe In Signs?” seems too perplexing (too many words you don’t understand) let me know. It’s theme is really quite simple. (An English speaking Swedish friend had difficulties).

    Do You Believe In Signs?

There’s prayer and contemplation, meditation –
Mental processes each one.
Synaptic chains inside the brain,
Done with purpose and without:
A private, secret shouting.

Silent and reflecting need,
Projecting language of the moment;
Sappy, soppy and segmented;
Useful on life’s deepest stratum.

Then there are the outer acts
Reflected in a sense’s facts:
Eye and ear, their sight and hearing,
Taste buds revelling in flavours, savouring
The textures of a finger’s touch.

Everything’s interpretation, mere projection
Concretised by need and bent;
Sent by mind processing talent.
Here’s the point:
Every scene, inside, out…
Comes about by who you are,
Your guiding star and what you stand for.

Wondrous as divine disclosure,
At no time are signs objective.
Do not miss the subjectivity,
You, the genuine nativity.

Though this scribbling sounds like quibbling,
Delving into lives not mine, (probably already fine),
With no need to persuade or sway, get my way:
Here I sit, deigning to say,
“Keep improving, learning, moving!
if you do, signs realign and redesign you
And the world around you too!”

Do You Believe In Signs? 12.22.2019/revived 8.15.2022 God Book II; To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Meditation;
Arlene Nover Corwin–

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