Sharing Yourself

Sharing Yourself

Simpler said than done:
To make the air yourself,
To share the minute area of self –
To take unwilling self a life’s duration.

Aware of self,
As you remember being long ago,
When you were two
And then forgot
From stuff you’d been through –
Maybe not.

What does it mean, this ‘sharing’ stuff?
Knowledge gained? Feelings felt?
Accomplishment, Things you have fluffed?
Things you’ve tired of… had enough!

It’s always you
You carry round inside your head.
Always you you carry through
From morn to bed.
You shared, (you always share).
But what? The good? The bad?

What’s to be done?
You are the only one
To make things better;
Th’ only one to break the fetters.
Th’ only one inside to do it.
(The only one of few who do it!)

You’ve no choice.
For you and all around you have a voice
To either roister up in bars ad pubs,
Having fun from values false,
Or stuck in inhibition’s waltz.

Break free!
From disappointment when you fall,
Or think you fail.
Find your call and give your all!

The world needs you just as you are.
Be your first-hand movie star:
Empirical, live, actual,
Distinctive, odd, peculiar…
It’s all necessary
To somebody.
Share your faulty, salty, vaulting self;
Ever leaping over inner hurdles.
Skip the burdens.
Share yourself.
Sharing Yourself 8.21.2022 Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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