Six Months To The Day

I’m sending this (and wrote this) because I’m so very moved, I feel I had to express it and ultimately to share it.

Six Months To The Day

It’s six months to the day.
Hundreds, thousands gone away,
Taken off the firmament
To other spheres – some permanent.

At their back, an enemy
With bombs and bullets,
Armies, rockets,
All and each
Invasive leeches.

Brutality: atrocity and savagery;
Pitiless and merciless:
Rape in every sense!
A war for nothing.
What can be the winnings?
Fraudulently gotten skimmings
For expansion that just leads to killing.

Brave, unswervingly engaged,
Enraged at an attack unjust.
Fighting back with lust
Because they know they must
Fight back with truth’s disgust.

Six months to the day.
The Western world will pray with you –
And stay.
Attacker to remain
Six Months To The Day 8.24.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; War Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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