Four Hundred Billion Stars

After reading a mind-boggling, humbling article.

  Four Hundred Billion Stars

Two billion is a start
To postulate their number.
X billion slumber while one counts the number.
What is it I write about?
An amount that mounts each second, minute,..
Showing, glowing, slowing, goodness knows!
One can guess
Till kingdom

Multi-verses hum along,
Sing their multi-versal song;
What’s a billion here or there?
God only knows how, why and where!

Which brings us back to energy:
What brings about reality
Without, within?
Opposites like good and sin?
Building ups and breaking downs?

Stars with suns,
Suns with planets.
Proportionate, coordinated
With a consummate exactness.
With no up/down, white/ brown…
Something to bow down to,
Life forms which no graph’s yet shown.

Back to numbers:
Doing rumbas while they limber up
The galaxies with stars that please our eyes.
To build world’s cultivations: Civilizations!

One’s in awe! Word-poor
The faculty for awe expression
While the mystery and mastery goes on
Quadrillion light years certain.
Four Hundred Billion Stars 9.5.2022 Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Existence;Arlene Nover Corwin

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