The Most Prosaic, Philosophical((& Spiritual) Advice)

Having been moved by a documentary on Queen Elizabeth II: an off the cuff and unrefined reminder.

The Most Prosaic, Philosophical
((& Spiritual) Advice)

One must remember:
“It’s not happening to me,
It’s happening around me.”
If one can do that ego free,
It is achievement and fulfilment:
The blessing of attainment.

You will find.
To keep the mind within, outside:.
It may be knotty, thorny, difficult to…
Needing training daily; ‘Screw
The world, unfurled and furled’
Yet love it too!
Each insect, animal and person,
For in some way
they’re all in you.

Philosophical indeed,
This seed reaction,
Manner, action.
Seen in all the noblest
In some way, have been nobly blessed.

As said, however, just a training;
Down-to-earth the discipline;
Workaday and plain mundane.
‘It’s not happening to me,
(though hard to apprehended)
It’s happening around me’
I’m involved and also covered
By the selfsame words of ‘love’
And lover.
The Most Prosaic, Philosophical (& Spiritual) Advice 9.10.2022 Circling Round Existence; Arlene Nover Corwin

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    Sep 10, 2022 @ 21:59:20


    As a memory,
    As a deed,
    As a purpose for life,
    As an excuse everyone can see,
    As a conclusion to all your possibilities;
    What does death mean?

    An inspiration to open a treasure chest of memories,
    Regrets hidden away,
    Shameful relief,
    A long waited peace,
    At the end of the day,
    What does death mean?

    Everything I would wonder, if you truly lived your life unashamed and free?

    This is what I’m thinking,
    If you define life and death,
    What does God mean?

    Rather your a street cleaner or a Queen,
    Can you truly live or die,
    Without knowing what God means?

    I ponder this question as much as I put on my shoes in the morning,
    Dare I say,
    As much as I breathe…

    What does it all mean. [END]


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