Twenty-One Years Ago Today

Sweden at the height of their Election Day, knocking everything else off the airwaves, I happened to turn to a channel that commemorated 9/11.

Twenty-One Years Ago Today

I can never let it go.
Twenty-one sad years ago
It happened, shaping one forever.
World Trade Center
No dissenter can describe.

Thousands dead!
Dread, dread the thread
Far away
It still will always stay
As if it happened yesterday.

Twin Towers
By two traitor pilots.
In horrendous crashes
Thousands dashed to ashes.

This small verse
To voice the worst
Of what became a hearse
That was Twin Towers,
So that future generations
May partake in, have a stake in
The barbarity of history.
A deed of fury and revenge
To charge the memory.

One twinges at the thought.
A nudge to budge the psyche
To remember nine eleven
America was under siege.
Twenty_One Years Ago Today 9.11.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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