The Writing’s On The Wall

I just happened to be skimming the site of literary magazine where the theme of the month was Spirituality. This came out of me.

The Writing’s On The Wall

For a writing to be spiritual
It need just deal
With hope or wonder, space or matter,
Questions about faith,
The nature of the earth, one’s birth…
There is no end
Of words that lend themselves
To what we label

Spirit is as spirit sees,
All projection of our needs,
Our temperament,
Our level of development.

Insight is ongoing,
As is growing, knowing –
Culmination’s summit never reached,
Only beached time, time again.

Every insight feels like
A crowning moment, highest peak
Of writing’s week.

It takes a long, long time of building up and winding down
Through repetition, meditation,
All to reach the top
And then. there’s probably no stop.

With much to learn and much to give,
Shades of meaning new received,
We keep repeating, repetition,
Each fresh option – a new freedom.

Every -al is spiritual
That being so, therefore and ergo:
Be alert: the writing’s on the wall.
The Writing’s On the Wall 9.13.2022 TheProcesses:Creative,Thinking,MeditativeII; Arlene Nover Corwin

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