The Case For Rebirth

  The Case For Rebirth

Our neighbor Bengt has passed away
With things of life still left undone.
When one’s passed on,
With life not won
From smoking much and drinking much,
Advice not touched,
What happens then?
Where, how and when does he survive
To live and gain what he has lost?
Why was his mind tossed out the window
To the winds of boundless time?

If you believe in soul,
The destiny of providence
To well, provide
Would life then hide itself eternally?
Life continues in a form
With cause to have one more effect
Endlessly, but friend-fully.

Flowers go back in the fall
To reproduce themselves in spring.
All the more so with each being,
Whether malformation or its sting
Looked bad in one existence,
No pretence ever in nature.

Seeds go back, are formed and grow,
Re-formed but still the same in flow.
Neighbor Bengt has gone, we know;
But where he’ll go,
Which family new
He’ll come to as a babe,
Will be one where he may evolve – may be.

Dear neighbor Bengt,
We’ll light a candle
As tradition’s handle to your dying.
Your dying leaves us trying
Ever harder.
The Case For Rebirth 9.17.2022 Birth,Death&InBetweenIII; Arlene Nover Corwin

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