The Seriousness Of Verse

 The Seriousness Of Verse

We know that poetry is read by few,
But be assured, not for the few;
It is for you
To read of essences, the universe’s
Inmost soul
With each one global I.e. noble.

That is why I write in verse;
Talent, aptitude not shrewd,
But looking in the murky muds
To see the clear, the flow’ring buds.

And so, dear reader,
Truth is there
To read about, write it out, (get it out)
Shed light
On knowledge there in part
To quash corruption of the heart,
Reminding us
That seven deadly sins are sins
Indeed –
And deadly,
Numbing minds and steadily
Let us
Support all verse
As ultimately serious.
The Seriousness Of Verse 9.16.2022 Processes: Creative, Thinking. Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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