Examining The Inner 9.18.2022

                Examining the Inner #1 (to be added to, no doubt)

 Sometimes friends ask why I have limited eating meat to the most minimal I’m capable of (at the moment),  and I reply, because every living being loves to live.  It is the first law of existence: who wants to die an unnatural death?  Every living being, intellect, no intellect, big brain, little brain - if it is conscious, loves life.
 Sometimes I think about the most logical conclusions regarding ‘soul’, “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.”*
 My thought are:  a) there is such a thing b) it is eternal) c) therefore, considering the laws of evolution, it must come back to achieve a betterment and finally, perfection, perhaps no longer needing to take a body in which to work out the weaknesses & flaws of past mistakes, timed tendencies in the genes, all energies having equal & opposite properties positive&negative, good/bad, etc.  
 Knowledge, being always partial is not the same as wisdom, being things onto themselves, though united.  
 Truth, more total and complete than ‘knowledge’  comes to one all of a sudden, by insight or directness: revelation, something in the synapses making connections not seen or connected before.   
 Religion comes into the philosophic picture then, with God and gods being different names for one and the same  ‘-Ness of Being' and its inherent, incessant powers.  “Truth is one, sages call it by various names.”  
 There is no such thing as divine retribution**only cause and effect - bad causes producing bad effects, good causes producing good effects, mixed causes producing mixed effects.9.18.2022

soul: spirit, psyche, (inner) self, innermost self, (inner) ego, inner being, true being, essential nature, animating principle, life force, vital force, inner man/woman; persona, identity, personality, individuality, make-up, subconscious; technical anima, pneuma; in ancient Egypt ka; Hinduism atman.
** (punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act:)

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