Let us start with opposites:
Peace and love’s benevolence;
Needing not to take from others;
Desiring not to take but serve,
Deepened by thought’s wholesome nerve
Nourished by the food of love.

Thought and peace of mind combined;
To see humanity as one big unit,
Feelings being what they ought when brought
Into this world at planet’s start:
The needfulness of sharing practical,
More beneficial, more worthwhile and fruitful.
Than the opposition’s rival
Of dictatorship.

Let’s now look at dictators:
Useless, unpropitious and perverse in every sphere;
Ultimately detrimental and destructive;
Hurtful in all areas.

Who would choose a ruler with complete control?
Who would be the fool to do it?
Tyrant, despot, someone who oppresses
As a right that he or she possesses.
Dictatorship: a ship that must
In due course, sink from lack of trust.

Dic-take-orships must always rust,
And dictators turn into dust.
Dictators 9.26.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; War Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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