To Ulf: Poetry vs Prose

This was written to a Swedish friend who ‘skips’ my poetry asking, telling, instructing me to write prose instead.
To Ulf: Poetry vs Prose
(from a poet who loves rhyme* & meter)

To Ulf ,
To whom the gulf between the poem and prose
Is too enormous,
So that antics are ignored or missed,
Cannot be read and understood.
Almost rude
To art and mood of rhyme and meter
And the writer.
So, I say, ((keeping the meter)
Poetry Is categorically
Higher than the poise and pose
Of much of prose,
Because it needs a thinking
On so many levels:
Devils, Berlioz, shovels, bevels*…

Poetry, dear Ulf
Will always be the shelf on which
Anti- readers
Lean deaf ears,
Imagining each line
To end in somewhat corny time,
Worn out rhyme –
which it does not,
Because the poet,
Is herself mosaic
Both poetic and prosaic.

Give this poetry a try.
After, you will laugh or cry.
Enjoy!! (Unless I die)
There are hundreds yet to come.

To Ulf: Poetry vs Prose the Processes:: Creative, Thinking, Meditative ii;Arlene Nover Corwin
*Rhymes are underlined. To show that they can lie anywhere and require much reflecting and selecting.
*bevels; angles. Always keep a dictionary on hand.
Meant to start a dialogue. I know that English can and may be an obstacle.

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