Suspicious Minds

Title suggested by my clever neighbor Veronica.

    Suspicious Minds

What a tragedy,
No, pity!
We’ve become suspicious,
Cheating going on and growing
So it seems,
Our dreams
Gone up in smoke,
Each crime a shock,
As if not contemplated or
Anticipated, been prepared for.

“Who’s that at the door?”
“My email’s blocked”
“They’ve taken money from my bank –
The blankety, blank, blank…
Blank, _ blank!

And so we hesitate,
Manipulated setbacks read about,
Each lout arrested, each that’s not;
We, suspicious, wary,
The most ordinary businesses unsavoury.

Coupled with the climate devastation,
Pandemic’s infestation,
P’s belligerence,
His blitz war lacking one small bit of sense,
We are suspicious, frightened.
Grappling with our troubled minds,
Our sad, cowed, coward minds.

Are there no keys?
Several ways to inner peace?
If you’ve got one, two, or countless many,
Contact Arlene Corwin, please.
Suspicious Minds 10.7.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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