As Long As It’s Musical

Dedicated to the very gifted Kent who’s been reluctant to sing because he does’t like the sound.

  As Long As it’s Musical

Tone gruff,
Not quite enough
To make it lyrical;
What counts Is, is it musical?
Bobby Dorough,
Stewart, Rod
Armstrong, Louis in his niche
(though I have read he had a sense
Of perfect pitch)

No matter.
With a voice like lumpy pancake batter,
People listen. They admire
The attire of musicality.

With age the singing, (even speaking) voice
Grows coarse and rough.
A little cough,
Hoarse and raspy – throaty stuff
No longer mellow – shallow, hollow.
‘Used to be’s’
No longer pleasing
To the singer but
An audience is there to cheer,
The proof being the pudding.

As talent grows
It shows right through.
With musicality the main reality
Goodness knows,
It’s subtle sensitivity
That hits, imparts
Its movement to all hearts.

Hot or cool,
The fuel will always lie
In musicality.
And so, musicians all,
Be not afraid or shy.
Follow your call
And get your high
From merely being musical.
As Long As It’s Musical 10.9.2022 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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