It’s Hard Not To Worry

With no idea whether this had the nucleus of validity, I wrote it anyway. The phrase was just too inviting and carried on, on its own.

 It’s Hard Not To Worry
 (that’s what they say)

It’s hard not to worry
When watching TV…
Not to be anxious, sitting on tenterhooks.
Books on the subject of war and corruption
A comfort non-permanent,
Brief, evanescent.

One is pragmatic,
But subject to ‘truths’ that are lies.
Yes, one is objective,
But ‘truths’ are for ‘always’,
Or else they’re not ‘couth’.

Neurotic, simplistic,
Perhaps, maybe, probably –
Worry gets nowhere.
Not just a bother,
But fluster, a lather;
A burden, a bane
And a cause for concern.

Restlessness, nervousness,
Fearfulness, sheer distress;
Worry is fruitless;
Worry is dangerous.

Mind longs for peace;
The least of the least.
Restful tranquility, insight and sense.

Premature death,
The worst of the worst,
Worry that’s causally fatal to breath.

Trust, hope and faith – words for a future.
Blind, but they suture the future to now.
They sound airy-fairy, vague, unrealistic;
Idealistic, but all we can sow
To make worry go ‘way.

Fleeting and hostile,
Fragile but agile, worry is futile,
Short-lived but febrile –
Obstinate but not impossible.
(That’s what they say).
It’s Hard Not To Worry 10.10.2022 Circling Round Experience; Definitely Didactic II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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