A Big Pile Of Junk

 Wrote this immediately after seeing a documentary on the inscrutable, charismatic jazz pianist Lennie Tristano.  It took less than an hour - (the poem not the documentary).  I must have been inspired!

    A Big Pile Of Junk

Tristano said
“Let thought come through
All your ten fingers;
(Or whatever number you must use
To play the blues
or any tune:
“How High The Moon” or Gershwin’s “Soon”…
Your thought a boon
If it’s spontaneous, impromptu.
Corwin says the same thing too.

Not filled with an emotive ardor
But the charter of the instinct
And the intuition.
Be as one.

Let musicianship
Take lead, and lead your music
To your still unripe;
No comic gimmick or alchemic hype.
Your hippest self will be your type,
Reveal all your inner hope and razzmatazz.
We’ll call it jazz
That is what a true jazz is.

Called his own piano
Nothing but ‘a pile of junk’
To be transformed by Monk,
Or anyone whose inmost mind
Uses the utmost veve to find
That inner passion,
Do what’s bidden, always hidden
In the inner sanctum of the shrine
We all call talent.
A Big Pile Of Junk 1.22.2019/revised 1.23.2022 Vaguely About Music II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Everybody Knows

A not-so-hidden attempt at PR.

  Everybody' Knows…

Everyone who knows,
Who reads the poetry, the prose
Corwin writes most everyday –
Compulsion, play?
“Neither/both”, she’d likely say.

The motivation found in phrases, idioms,
Remarks and comments,
Utterances and quotation,
Word construction,
Obligation and instruction –
Every layer stimulation
Like the sanctity of prayer.

Impulse that’s become a habit;
Drive and urge that de-inhibits;
Therapy come from above:
The brain, the mind
The zillion synapses behind
The intellect and intuition.

It may be few
Who read each newborn
Clause and sentence
Borne of cues, the dues we pay,
The hues that color every offshoot,
Fortunate, its opposite…

Thinking of and thanking you
Who read a Corwin line or two.
You’re so, so welcome to review and re-review,
Share with those who may think It contributes to

Everybody Knows 1.22.2022 Pure Nakedness II; The Processes: Creative, thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin


“A single voice, once emboldened, can quickly metamorphose into a thousand.”’’’


Like so many words
With multitudes of definitions
I like validation most.
A combination recognition
and support;
Evidence of something we all need
Within the tiniest of life-parts’ seed.

It’s origin in Latin ‘to make firm’
Shows that we crave it from the outside in;
Though what we do may do the same
For others underneath their skin,
A skin oh, oh, so thin!

When you give a thumbs up or a Like
Some negatives within you ‘take a hike’.
You may get ‘shtick’ from all you know,**
But confirmation means acceptance and a show,
A testimony of, and that your worth
Is of importance on this earth.

Take it, give it as a gift
To give a life that little lift it needs
To shift the inner picture of how deft
You really are.
Confirmation 1.21.2022 circling Rond Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

noun informala gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc. associated with a particular person: there are many great comics who have based their stand-up shtick on observational comedy | her shtick was to haul out her pet ferret.
• a person’s special talent, interest, or area of activity: movies about ordinary women who do extraordinary things—that’s my shtick.
ORIGIN1960s: Yiddish, from German Stück ‘piece’.
*** I don’t know who said it first-

My Musical Cat

   My Musical Cat

When I play, when I practice,
Albert Cat does practice too.
He can’t resist.
I don’t desist.
Albert Cat just loves the sound;
Walks up and down,
Around the keyboard.
He, lord of the digital.

His playing catastrophic, cataclysmic,, categoric-not!
Is he inclined to catapult? No, he meows. “What rot!”
Black and white keys, sharp and flat: music cats appreciate.

At their worst and at their best,
Cat-holic tunefulness the highest.
I confess, sometimes I’ve cursed:
“Damn” or “Darn”,
But underneath it all, am charmed.

With no idea of what he hears,
All I can say is that
My Albert Cat loves to be near.
(I fear it will may on forever).
My Musical Cat 1.20.2022 Cat Book II; A SenseOf The Ridiculous II; Arlene Never Corwin

And So It Goes

 And So It Goes

Life/things change each second:
Situations, worldly goods;
Worldly clutter, odds and ends,
Shutting out the values meant, assumed, intended;
Belongings that no longer do…
Body parts no longer: you!

Adaptation must be key.
Letting go, yet knowing that
It’s always ‘you’ perceiving it.
Brain receiving and partaking
Patterns raked, scraped, shaped together,
Born then worn.
Misguidedly mourned.

Half our lives are spent expanding,
Half collecting, half expending,
Self’s self interest first at hand.
Inventive, yet me, mine and I
Are top of list’s priority.
Making, taking, on and on…
And so it goes. Ah, yes, it goes!

What can we do?
Accept, adapt, forgive, get wise.
Think of things beyond our eyes;
Things perhaps up in the skies.
Soul. The whole. The universal.
Principles invisible;
In, not of the temporal.
And So It Goes 1.19.2022 Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

Carry On: the Key

Carry On: The Key

No one really cares that much about the you:
How you look, what you do,
How you dress,
Whether you have done your best,
All the rest…

Minutes after you have left,
All have given fond farewells,
They’ve gone to something/someone else,
To tell their tales
While you’re bereft.
It never fails,
When in reality you ought to carry on,
Never tarrying in mind’s un-reason
Ferrying self-doubt across
The obstacles to self-reliance.

To carry on with self-belief
Is not a thief or self deception;
Rather the mature-est chief
Of common sense
And the out-dated sapience.*
Carry On:The Key 1.16.2022 Circling Round Maturity; Arlene Nover Corwin

  • sapience; wisdom

After Looking At Hieronymus Bosch

After Looking At Hieronymus Bosch

It is the mental self I want to reach.
The mental you that views, that reads,
Interprets seeds
And comes out with its own new thought-filled notions.
Oceans of conceptualisations
Sitting there when you just stare
Or analyze, sizing up the moment.

Visualisations ranging from
The everyday concrete
Into the pious heat of righteousness.

No matter.
I’ve no aim,
But chatter from the depths of me;
My theories, hypotheses…
For what you see
Is what you are,
And maybe what you’ll be
By far and markedly,
The better, wiser part of all humanity.

After Looking At Hieronymus Bosch 1.15.2022 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover corwin

Words: Consumer

What could be more fascinating than language, words and their complexities.

Words: Consumer

Who in heavens wants the label,
Wants the title of ‘consumer?
Consumed by fire, flood, destroyed;
Consumed by guilt: gripped or just floored.
Consumed with gusto, stuffing down the food,
The goodies.

Who In heavens wants to be
A part of that named category!
‘Consumer’ – almost pornographic!
Yet they call me that
Because and just because I buy their product,
The results: sheer, clear and merely profit.

How insulting!
I, exhausting, wasting
Reservoirs of precious sources;
I, partaker;
One more way that I am taker.
Consuming large amounts of energy.
Dearie, dearie me!

I, a villain, one of many
Doing harm: an evil-doer.
I, indeed, an arch consumer
Taking part in every nuance:
Buying, using, gripped, entranced;
Consumed with, by, the – noun and verb,
A perturbed, disturbed, and thus far uncurbed nation,
This name-filled, shame-filled appellation.
I am one:
Shopper, customer, consumer, patron.
Let us not consume too much.
Be consumed with guilt and such.
Lest we be consumed by fires touching
All on earth.
Words: Consumer 1.14.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

This Stays Untitled

This Stays Untitled

More and more, I seem to see
Both sides of the question(s).
More and more, the philosophical, the mystical, the social;
Plain old brain in second place
Pain and beauty taking first.
Tears taking unpredicted space;
Sensitivity, appreciation on the surface
Coming through common senses.

Acceptance of man’s nature,
Nature’s nature too.
Thus, what to do?
Follow my own nature, surely.
Whatsoever destiny floats my way.
Whatever can one do or say?
Accept – whose welcoming is hardest.
Yes, acceptance is the smartest.

Theories, philosophies
Backbone of the human race,
All true on the levels basic,
There for each to face it,
Use, construe
According to approval,
Cavilling, unraveling…

i, no a fan of ‘good and evil’
But ‘survival’ and its opposite;
Virtue, with its benefits
Vis á vis the vices with their detriments,
I, rational and yet
It doesn’t seem enough…not quite.
Hope, trust, kindness seem best
Of all wisdom’s reactions
Worth the ruminating, contemplating,
After, in and on the All.
This Stays Untitled 1.12.2022 The ProcessesII; Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

God Doesn’t Need

 God Doesn’t Need

Something’s worked!
It can be something never felt before.
A pain relieved;
A move discovered.
Inspiration for a poem
Uncovered, new.
It’s you it’s happened to.

You feel grateful to
Yet something’s come from out the-blue;
Unexpected, true, and you
Say, “Thank you God!”!

An even force that seems to work
Forever. Never shirking,
Altering, complete.
Though it’s odd
And hard
To comprehend.

The one demand
Your head and mind
Must get around
Is Something perfect:
Strongest, calmest, needing nothing,
Only giving out itself.
Power good and fair,
Impossible to picture.

Yet we try.
We name it, claim it, blame, deny it.
Give a creed:
To force that doesn’t have a need.

So carry on!
It won’t be gone,
Both here, beyond, belief or not.
It is the only thing you’ve got
To give you peace and total comfort.
God Doesn’t Need 1.12.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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