Innate Wisdom

Reflecting again and taking note. Kisses, Arlene 👩‍🎤


There is a wisdom deep inside.
Like temperament and readiness.
Not available to everybody at the same time in their lives.
But, BUT, it’s there to come to light,
To see, to use.
Even though you cannot choose.

To those who are receptive
I address this, even to myself. Who knows
Where, who and when)

And so I write,
Not always sure what’s right,
But sure of this:
There is a a wise one deep inside.
It’s just to ride the storms
And go along with happenstance,
Peaceful, with acceptance.
And if necessary, playful pretence.

Wait and watch and see.
Patience is a key.

Innate Wisdom 1.19.2019 Definitely Didactic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Starting Out Of Time (Again)

I must start out of tempo,
Sometimes getting lost.
But after hours and many tries
At thoughts and skills and inner ties,
An inner eye will clarify;
The thing is fostered, building up;
Lost gets tossed, then lost gets lost.
At seemingly no cost. Rubato
Takes up speed,
Which leads to something it itself
Can breed. Ideas appear.  Indeed,
Ideas cohere
In fullness and in form, informed
By sheer reflection; sheer and clear,
Like glass through which one sees, gets seen.

Jazz musicians have the key—
And those who master Zen.
I must start out of tempo,
Let the hand say when.

When I get lost, it can be years
Before I’m back on track.
But after years of lies and tries
The tempo builds up speed
As if and of itself, the seed
Of spontaneity has cracked,
Sprouting, spurting, spuming out
A finished, polished thing with clout.

Starting Out Of Time rewritten 1.27.2019 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Home Truths

Home Truths 🏡
(Looking back at 1998’s ideas when I was still typing on a typewriter. Bringing it up to date with more than a few new changes.)

For the man with eyes,
The universe lies
In the stories I tell
Syphoned through typewriter’s ribbon:

The rhymes that spelled childhood,
Neighborhood, Brooklyn food,
Politic, mystic, the very prosaic,
Energy, laziness,
Clarity, haziness,
Hurt words and hope words;
(ambrosias which fueled fates,
Reversed gates of youth’s mistakes,
Going to heart’s every beat, every daybreak).

Home truths are die-cast
To what was unspoken, shy, personal,
Weakness, reversal,
Love with, without a libido,
God with, without binding credo.

Home truths for one with eyes,
Writ on the limited paper size
A4. What prize
Can outstrip a reward
Such as that?

Home Truths rewritten 1.14.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Pure Nakedness II: Arlene Nover Corwin

No People, No Things

There is part of a system of thought that says every time you dwell on the thought of people or things you lose sight of your self. It makes sense because thought, its being an ephemeral, comes in and goes on to another at the speed of lightening. Where is the you in that moment? A you that is essential, the you you want to find out about, go into at will and stay for longer than that lightening.

The habit of thinking about people and things disallows that, discourages that, waters down the ability. Result? One is spending hours of the day reaching out to an illusion, a passing evaluation, an ever changing object. Time wasted.

No People, No Things

A guarantee and rule of thumb
To the confused, depressed and numb:
Watch your thought and cancel out
The onslaught of intruding thought,
The babbling bout
That canters around things and people!
People, things: treacle-binding
Lust to rust –
First to last,
A dust to dust.
The biggest drug of all!

On the streets
Thought longs for treats,
Its base in things and people;
Gossip, impulse, points of view.
Where is the you?

Make a space encircling thought:
Fill it with an inner breath,
Take this knack for what its worth –
A hint to catch a glint
Of heaven’s state on earth:
See what goes on in your head: inside instead.

No People, No Things 2.11.1997/the whole renewed1.17.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic; Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

There Is A You Within The You

There Is A You Within The You 🎇

There s a you within the you.
Does it sound strange?
The you outside that’s full of change –
A constant you inside with range inclusive
Filled with living life suffused with
Consciousness: Unalterable, constant,
Entering each physical and mental portal,
Immaterial, immortal:
With a motive /free of motive.
Made of nothing that we know of.

How do you define a spirit
Sitting there and doing nothing?
How do you define an essence,
An awareness,
Always there, this always-thereness?
Of course there is the no-thing air-ness
To compare with –
Never felt but all around, no sound, unbounded;
Wound around your each and every bone,
Its function all its own.

There is a you within
That’s free of sin
That has a memory
Of an eternity
For it has always been.

There Is A You Within The You 1.6.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

I Knew Her (revised)

 I Knew Her

I knew her
With her ups and downs,
When she was productive, positive,
Knitting socks, potholders, sweaters,
Not for self but for we others,
Starting projects, energetic and a mother..

Knew her
With her yearly birthday cake
To celebrate Pernilla, Patrick;
Knew her with her pretty legs, nice clothes, good taste,
Devotion to her Laila, Olga, birds and nature.
Yes, I knew her nature: happy, well, and not.

Yet, you never know that whole entire;
Soul entire;
How she searched the Biblical,
For faith we all are searching for.
I knew her parts, her mind her heart,
Good and uneven.

If there is a heaven
“…for the Father’s house has many mansions…’
And a place for everyone,
New life begun,
There she is in happiness,
Good health and peace.

I Knew Her 12.16,2018 Birth, Death & In Between III;

*Pia Johannson

A Good Ethic

As is often the case, I found this idea on a scrap – started and unfinished some time ago. I’ve whittled it down to a simplistic piece called in a file Defiant Doggerel. A would-be collection one day.
A Good Ethic😇

We have to have leaders with ethics of principle;
High-minded leaders: – examples to all;
Who, rather than break their word
Would, if the circumstance calls for it,
Willing, would fall on predicament’s sword.

With lava and tidal waves, cracks in the earth
Hurricanes, heavy rains gnawing their teeth,
Present or pre-set
What’s needed to de-threat this chain of mortality
Right from the start is a change in morality
Right from the heart.

It doesn’t take much to decide not to cheat.
Leaders unreachable and unimpeachable –
Suddenly ‘peachable.
Leaders corruptible,
Promptly susceptible –
Leaders who grumble, who tweet and who bleat:
It doesn’t take much to make tsars obsolete.

No matter the creed
A principled ethic is all that we need.

A Good Ethic 1.5.2019 Defiant Doggerel; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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