Words To Love

Words To Love

Whadda charmer!
Hard to define,
Its overall design
A simple and complexity
Of layers in its

A subtle panorama, psychodrama;
The eternal of the kernel
And the kernel of the daily.
Many definitions, both internal and external.
One who ’s told and listens deeply,
Catches hold.

One, two, three:
Cause, effect and destiny.
Four and five:
Work and motive.
Good intentions lead to good,
Bad deeds lead to bad.
What you do in moments
Is a fragment of the morrow
And a judgement of the future.

Karma is the deed, the work, the action.
It’s both principle and law.
It says actions make a difference,
Every feature of significance
With outcomes and reverberation.
Karma is a chain.

Words To Love 5.18.2020 Words To Love; To The Child Mystic II; The Processes; Creative; Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Ideas Are In Your Head

I was thinking about all the misinformation that we walk around with in our heads, taking it as truth. Ideas are in your head.
I’m sure I wrote this phrase somewhere before, but I’ve no idea where, in what form or what and how I said it. So I’ll start again.

Ideas Are In Your Head

Ideas are in your head.
Where else?
You think your thoughts,
Which thoughts are ultimately forced,
A force produced for you alone:
Your tendencies, your latencies
Your genes, your DNA – in short,
Your very own creations,
The perception never what you think.

Objectivity? No matter how we try,
Improbable, implausible because of “I”.
No matter what the truth,
No matter what the source:
Encyclopaedic, Wikiped…
Accepted to the -enth degree;
It does’t matter.
You, interpreter of all that courses
Concentratedly or scattered.

What is idea, after all?
Purpose; porous* understanding;
Wish, belief, a supposition;
Mental picture, theory,
Feeling, fancy…

Any drive that drives you
Forms within your head.
Recognise this fact instead of
Taking what you think as sacred.
You’ll become more undiminished, interested
And open-minded. Guaranteed!

Ideas Are In Your Head 5.4.2020 The Processes: Creative;Thinking; Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*porous; poetic licence

Making IPad To To Eye-Pad

Making IPad To An Eye-Pad

When there’s someone you’ve not met
Or seen in years, you can get
Shivers of delight
If you can get them in your sites,
The longed for sight appreciated.

I requested such a meeting on this day,
A “please delay no longer”.
I felt stronger after sending,
As if there can be no ending
When a friendship is involved.

It’s so easy
To turn iPad into Eye-pad;
And somehow I had
A gladdened interest and the need.

Making iPad To An Eye- Pad 5.8.2020 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Love Relationships II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders

Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders

Does it matter if it’s anti- pro- or doesn’t matter
If there is a smattering of truth contained?
When you’ve got your blinders on,
Useful tips, guides, reminders
Lengthen and diffuse the stilted synapses,
Tap into sources and resources
Hitherto unknown, un-shone;
Matter scattered everywhere,
Omnipresent, Nature’s present
To ignore or bore into the smallest proton.

Does a smattering of matter matter?
Even though it takes no space,
Lodges in no special place,
Lives in every earthbound race
Plus universes one or plural?
To answers which both lure and pull,
Assure us all,
Tips and guides provide the rides.

Matter is astute –
(rather cute if you consider size).
Near or far, it doesn’t matter –
Matter is the tool and prize
To realize in one way or the other
Everything is source –
Of course.

Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders 5.19.2020 Revelations Big & Small; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

The Elixir

The Elixir

If there ever was a magic potion
Inbuilt in an earthly notion,
One to change the habits old
Into a new and lifelong gold;
Outside all tricks,
The negatively nix;
A lotion of refreshment
Portioned out, the perfect servant,
Ocean of vitality and vibrancy
And most of all, not fancy,

It is doing what you can
With what you have
Wherever you may find yourself,
Tools always in your hand
Or foot, or leg or mind,
Its wangling angling,
Its instinct, intuition, reasoning.

Right there in existence
And your presence
Is the feature and the fixture:
The elixir.
Elixir; (also elixir of life) a preparation supposedly able to prolong life indefinitely: figurative : he finds world train travel something of an elixir of life.

Elixir 5.21.2020. Words To Love; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Who Or What Cares

In 1999 I was 65 years old. Now at 85 this poem seems naive, passé, and so I’ve got a second chance — not to alter time but to refine the poem.

Who Or What Cares?

We’re having a race, my thighs and me.
A pace that alternates between
The zealous and the slovenly,
Exercise and enterprise.

As often as I think of it,
Or when I’m in the pink of it.
These limbs keep at the job of ageing,
Jellifying jollily*,
The two of them against poor me;
Staging war, as if engaging in crossfire,
They’re at it every time I’m not,
Wobblifying till presumably they rot –
My outer self a dinosaur,
Atrophying then extinct.

Still I’m trying – yes I am,
Squatting on an ageing ‘gam’**,
Playing out a deep-knee bend,
The splits, a hand- or headstand:
Plain old-fashioned stretches.

There’s a race, don’t ask the score –
Who-gets-where first, what’s to win,
Time’s wrinkling skin that pricks at pore,
A flaccid jaw and scraggy neck
Are but a speck, an ego fleck
Upon the face, the flow, the flux of time;
Time which doesn’t care a bit,
Give a sh_t, so uninvolved, not caring as it
*poetic licence
**gam; U.S. slang for leg
Who Cares, What Cares? 9.14.1999/Revised 5.10.2020 Circling Round Woman; Circling Round Time; I Is Always You Is We;Circling round Experience;
Arlene Nover Corwin

On Looking For A Gig (revised)

On Looking For A Gig

I discovered it today:
Vanity and expectations – disappointment when
The expectations come and go,
Do not show up at all.
I suddenly came to a truth that I can only call,
“Why not walk in and say to one an all –
Accept me! Love me! Take my gift cause here I am!
I give a lift and here’s my name!”
If no one cares, no one’s to blame.
I ought to feel it’s all the same.

I don’t. I fuss. Today I cussed.
I don’t know why I thought they’d say
“Of course you get the job. Come by
Tomorrow. Start at once.”
I didn’t get to see the chief, and forced away without a fief,
I stalked way like some old thief.
They say they’ll call. They seldom do.
That slap says, “Who the hell are you?”

And here I’m always thinking that my presence is enhancing.
Jobs few, money low. I’m either doing something wrong
Or God is stopping this whole show for my protection.
He is saying, “Screw the song!
There are hundreds, thousands more equipped,
More talented, more single-minded. Shut your lip!
You’re ordinary. That’s your fate!
Stay at home! Develop! Wait!”

Don’t overestimate position, Something’s phoney ‘bout position.
It is not a fixed condition; no condition ever is.
Throw away the sword, its thrust for world reward.
Never fixed, things swinging twixt between
The past and now. You ordinary, silly cow,
Cook your meals! Stay at home! Write your ordinary poem!
Be happy because it feels nice sitting at your beans and rice,
Not judging, striving, in the race thankful that you’re still alive.
Thanking God that you survive.

This summer day. You saw a hare –
A baby, eating on the lawn.
You saw a mist-fair dawn descend upon the lake outside.
Stay home, create and hide!
Take in you may be ordinary
As if it were lotion on your ageing skin.
You’re not a star,
You’re just the creature that you are
Amid the facts and happenings around.
Go to ground, eat up, get fat!
Go and buy a summer hat!

On Looking For A Gig 6.8.1994/revised 5.22.2020
Vaguely About Music; Circling Round Vanities; God Book; Arlene Corwin

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