To The Doctor Who Examines Me

I wrote this in 2002, revised and renewed it in 2004. It is the kind of subject that has no ending for all that is still wrong and all that is yet to be done. It is now 2019. My former doctor has it framed and on the wall.

To The Doctor Who Examines Me👨‍🔬

I was thinking that this body is a unit, and
If you don’t see a pattern
In the portions that go wrong
Then perhaps you’re sitting in a chair
To which you don’t belong:
Too tired, young or not attentive.

How I wish you’d see all symptoms
As an ocean bowl,
With rivulets connecting whole
To dams and sluices where the juices,
Pebbles, stones are formed within,
All kith and kin to one another.
It is plain that pain or pressure
Down a leg has a connection to the hip,
The pelvis, stomach, large intestine. Let’s not skip
The knuckle bumps, hard private lumps
With their connection to the rest:
Cholesterol and stressed out parts
In hearts not happy pumping.

Always working to your best.
To fix a system that will not dissect –
One hard to see: a one-in-many,
And God knows hard diagnosed.

Yet it is your job to cure,
Find sense, be sure—which can’t be done
Unless you see the parts-in-one
Which, failing to do
Means you’re still too
Young and blind,
Or just not paying mind
Enough attention.

To The Doctor Who Examines /refined version 3.10.2019 Birth, Death & Death III; Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

I Didn’t Dare

Partly autobiographical, partly didactic, wholly spontaneous. About a jazz singer, but meant to be about universal development

      I Didn’t Dare 🎼

(a jazz musician sings her song)

What was wrong?
I did not dare to sing my song
The many ways I might have favored:
Ways I would have plumped for
Had I had more pluck or valour.

I’d have liked to act out a behaviour
Which behaviour could have been a saviour,
Done things that I did not dare.
Where was my head?
Why so afraid?

What did I think could happen
If I championed inner feeling?
Causes closed inside
I paused, went on to hide
An Arlene that had meaning.

Pride? It wasn’t that.
Fear? But fear of what?
Criticism of mistakes? Told I had not what it takes?
Rejection of the unearned kind?
One’s learned to not mind
Turning down, refusal or dismissal,
None of which have real clout.
Inside or out, what power have they?
Absolutely nothing.

Now I dare.
Creative means I didn’t know were there;
Impromptu qualities that take me over.
Qualities to share for values that feel worthy:
Values worth the passing on:
Bravery, audacity, a broadened capability,
Honesty, and ego free of situation,
Giving of the self without a care.
All of these have made me dare.

As a cautionary explanation
Take this as today’s instruction,
One completely without doctrine.
It’s just nice to give out what one can.

I Didn’t Dare 3.10.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Slow Unfolding

I suspect it’s all of us.🧘‍♀️
A Slow Unfolding

It’s been a slow unfolding:
Slow and building;
Searching for the certainties
That seem to come alone from faith
Constructed and contributed
By scientific findings, books of methods,
Books religious, philosophic,
And plain recipes to keep one healthy:
Faith and actual combined.

There is work and there is trust.
There’s been gratitude and lack of, thus,
Behavioural and mental,
All a conquering of blindnesses,
Lack of knowledge, biases
Both good and bad,
Finding out about oneself is all one had,
For in the end, it’s all one has:
Oneself, the self, a Self in common with the world.

And karma’s dance
And luck and chance;
Barging in, the genes, upbringing,
World at large;
You can’t escape them, forming and informing views
Based on triviality’s illusions;
Valueless desires and dreams,
Worked on, worked out schemes
That lead to nothing but confusion
Followed by depression
Showing up itself a zillion ways.
Lucky those whose stays
Of such are short of just amazing!

Lucky those who find techniques
For gaining expertise and skill that never leaks,
And unlike most of us
Carries on in consciousness,
Awareness, understanding and intelligence
Of every kind.
Lucky those who find
A way to keep unfolding
In all ways, on every level:
Lovely face, aging’s grace,
Thoughts that keep away their evil.

Maybe it will always be
A slow f-unfolding,
Which is certainly ok with me.

Slow Unfolding 3.4.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

The Definitive Book



( Or song, face, faith, health, course of action
– a one of a oneness.)

One’s looking for
The final, qualitative book to publish.
Filling hours to swap and switch
A finite, ever growing list
To share without a fear
Of boring far and near…
That is the quest.

Layouts titles, subject matter;
Constitution, character and inner chatter;
Tendencies belonging to the moment
All a hinder and facilitator.

All alone without advice,
Choices umpteen times too many,
One’s in a vice.
And that’s not funny!

Probably and ultimately
There will be some 30 books –
Done alone by one lone cook.
Sounds a fib, a sketchy glib and woolly hoax.
But there it stands: not one page blank;
Some 30 volumes in the bank,
The data base: tweaked, tinkered with in theme and looks,
The same amended poem appearing three completely different years,
Which always brooks the query:
When is work the best can be?
When’s work a unity, totality;
A project unconditionally
Right for me
And all we striving and contriving living.

For instance, this was written
Eighth of June two thousand seven,
Then again two thou- eleven.
Now, two thousand nineteen,
Many years come in between,
And this was found again on scraps;
(it happens that I write on scraps
Hanging round, suddenly or never found).

Definitive may not exist.
So I’ll not make a fist
At something that does not exist,
But take the gist of what I say
And carry on until the day
I have fulfilled my task,
And ready to lie in my casket,
List a practically all done
I just may feel that I have won.

The Definitive Book 2.25.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Does The Universe Have Consciousness?

To all my Facebook friends who have and do not open it, or my non-Facebook friends do not have it at all. Also to my friends who have never opened my Arlene Corwin site but who I think might be interested in this speculation.

I suspect it is so.
Things come and they go,
Obeying some laws we can never know.

Particles that pass from time to come
To time that’s passed,
The neither lasting
Long in taking
Shape or termination.

Yet there’s oneness:
There’s a uni-verse,
Maybe a multi-verse stuck in a universe
Larger than this.
Kissing outer-verses
Nursed by a causal consciousness
Supreme and prime:
Consciousness Time, consciousness ‘I’m’.
Consciousness Name, consciousness Aim;
Consciousness in which all life is totally the same
Inside its form, its formulas and formlessness,
It’s symmetry and chaos –

So, in thoughtfulness (that also comes and goes),
i have a hunch it is so.

Does The Universe Have Consciousness? 2.24.2019 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

On A Personal Note

Hello! 🧘‍♀️ ✍️

On A Personal Note
(re-worked, which always means improved )

Mind broadening or deepening
Lately, daily, palpably.
I sense it in the attitudes, perception
Where a whole takes over eyes and brain.
How to explain it?
Word ‘ineffable’ makes headway,
There at hand but not to say.

The more I use the frontal lobe,
The deeper in this tattoo molds
The hemispheres with all its folds,
The globe
Of intellect and intuition reveling
In links on every level,
Interwoven at each bevel.

Unpredictable as it is puzzling,
One is grateful for this chiseling;
Sharpening and steeping
In a marinade
Of God.

This, but one small cry of ‘halloo’.
Never would I force this view on you
Or you or you… The note
That’s coming from my throat
Is info to construe
As you
Would like.

For me, it’s just a small account
Of some sort of detached amount
Of mind enhancement
To any single soul who’ll listen,
For it glistens in its litany.
(At least for me.)

On A Personal Note 2.23.2019 Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness II; To The Child Mystic II;
Arlene Nover Corwin

Seeing Globally🌎

Seeing life events,
The personal, the distant
Perceiving universally
Changes forces and the focus
Of your conversations;
Synapses of mind and brain,
The body parts involved in same,
The long term
And the goodness knows what else.
All global hints of sameness,
Hints at Oneness universal
Every tint of hint, but probable.
Nice isn’t it!

Seeing Globally 2.22.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin


Seeng Globally 2.22.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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