How Much of Life/Meta- (Beyond)The Natural Sharer

They were done last night. Finished today, of course. Revised three years later.

All In A Night


              How Much of Life…?


How much of life is fear determined?

Wakeful days, the sleeping nights

We know so little of,

Fear when even friends are near,

Invaded, oft pervaded by its ambience,

Its atmosphere –

How to transcend it?


               Meta- (Beyond)


Something’s joining us to everything.

You’re breathing in, you’re breathing out –

How does what comes in come about?

‘Tween seen and known, the provable and shown

Is something even genius can’t do more than hint at:

Something meta-.

Breath as tools, breath-excused

Designed to live here in this atmosphere

Extracting, giving, taking,

Driven to survive: a generational archive.

Where, from, and why?

A gift so other souls thrive further.


                The Natural Sharer

The natural sharer, makes his information clearer;

Any phrase that he’s afraid may cloud.

He’ll write, correct and trace the awkward

Served upon a silver platter,

He’ll waive the chatter for a word,

Hunt down its root, though

Not giving a hoot for you,

And yet, the sharer must beware,

For he can tire,

Make subject dreary, listener weary,

Sound pedantic, lack in logic.

Bless the poet conjurer

Who’d take you to the strangest lands;

Bless the harbinger, the hands that share

Because the thought is there –

And nothing other.


All In A Night 12.19.2015/re-written9.12.2018 Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin


Older By The Minute

In print,

In ink,

In body’s wrinkle

Every atom – infinite in movement,

Older by the minute but for dogged re-arrangement,

Fortune’s plight and luck indefinite.


What then, then what?

Some permanence within,

In atoms’ never ending movement?

Some emergent state

To start the thing all over;

Aging once again, but to initiate

Each minute-varied-minute?

Pin your hopes on it.

Monarchs, minions

And some other millions



Older By The Minute 11.8.2015/revised 9.7.2016

Circling Round Aging; Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Time II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin



God Is Silent/Does The Sun Answer?

(from my upcoming book “Life Is Phases Only”)


I read the other day this why:

“Why does God not answer when I need Him most?”

Amazing blazing sun

That doesn’t move and doesn’t sound;

Whose rays – if you can call them that –

Are penetrating all year round –

Of course He doesn’t speak,

The so-called ‘doing’ doing comprehensively,

Enfolding life and death

In any, every silent breath.

With figuratively speed of light

All needs are met

All times, all places:

Paradoxically, the monstrous, horrifying and

The finest, highest in mankind –

Each adjective within the eye

Of the beholder’s truth or lie.


It’s silence boundless, instantaneous, and

You, without awareness

Of the how and why

This God is answering the heart.

The secret?

Watch the details of your day

Repeatedly and frequently.

You’ll see the secret clearly.

 God Is Silent/Does The Sun Answer? 8.29.2015

God Book II; To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin


The Man Who Killed My Brother #1&#2


 Wanna hear a story, all?

The man who killed my brother

Went scot-free. Not exactly. He

Got three years in the cooler, for

Such is the law. 

They found my brother’s blood

On wall and floor.

God knows what more

There was than wall and floor!


The prosecutor told me

That the judge was sympathetic.

Family wrote supporting letters,

Loving letters, caring letters, for

My brother was no orphan.


He was gay.

The family had to pay

A mammoth sum

To have his body come

Back to New York.

They didn’t trust his aids-free health. 

My brother was fit as a fiddle.


After years they found his killer.

All the proof was there, and still,

The trial went in killer’s favor.

He was free in three. 

Detectives, in their stab at comforting

Said, “He’s a bad egg.  He’ll be back.

Inevitably, his kind are…”

So I was left to trust.

One day the killer will be back behind those bars,

His freedom left to rust.

 You have to trust in justice.



Got off with slaughter – slaughtering:

Manslaughter.  One can only

Laugh in irony.

Slaughtering is butchering.

Decimating, wiping out,

Murdering and killing off,


Putting man or Man to death.


Nowhere in the dictionary

Does it warrant or suggest

A measly three year sentence. 


The man who killed my brother

(blood on walls and floor…all over…)

One could call that massacre.

I would call that massacre.

And all he got was three small years.


I thought about it just today

And thought I’d say it. 


In Life As Well As The Gym, Do It Badly



You don’t need to train and strain to make your muscles grow. You need to repeat. That’s all. If you do a thing long enough benefit comes of it.

There is no single ‘must do’ exercise that can’t be replaced with something else.   Be clever, be creative, use your noodle. You can find substitute practices that achieve the same result.

You have a bone structure that makes you better suited to some exercises than to others: long arms, short arms, long legs, short legs: Find out who you are and don’t kill yourself trying to put toe up your nose. Look at others, learn from them, be inspired, then do it your way. Take flexibility: there will be borders you’ll never cross.   Learn about them. Accept them. Focus on your own body and its limitations.

Take your time. Don’t rush. Slow is good. Fast makes it more difficult to focus mentally take apart what is happening in your body.

Interestingly enough, there is a gene called COL5A1 which is linked to a hereditary level of flexibility. One version of the gene means you’re quite flexible, the other means you’re not. Don’t be embarrassed or disappointed because you aren’t a spaghetti or, as an older person with less active growth hormone your muscles don’t bulk up as quickly as they did when you were young – or at all.

There is a point at which you’ll stop making obvious improvements; but don’t stop practicing whatever it is you practice. The benefits become more subtle, more refined.  More energy, stability, self-knowledge. It’s quite enough to stretch what’s tight and strengthen what’s weak and notice that your powers of observation are greater than they were. Nothing stays the same. You’re either going up or you’re going down. Even when you don’t notice either.

Resistance is a good training. Good to observe, good to exploit. For example, when doing yoga poses, reach the point of resistance and wait it out, staying as long as you can. Use resistance in your daily life too. Push against tables, your knees, the door frame. There are dozens of ways to be creative using the principle of resistance.

One more thing: if you work hard all of the time, you’ll start to notice little aches, pains and tears everywhere. Be sensitive. Pace yourself. Learn when to push and when to let go – in life as well as in the gym.

Your body isn’t a machine. Rest it. Work hard but don’t kill yourself.

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.


Three Times S

Three Times S

Silence, Stillness, Solitude



Alone’s creative part,

And what we need.

Loneliness? No, only-ness.

No yearning for support –

Earnings of a sort.

No tears, no fears, if only temporarily.



Willed un-movement;

Body/mind and what we need.

Either/or, or one or both:

Calm and peace,

And what we need.



Without sound; the space between

The hubbub and reverberations

Of the world we live in:

What we need:

Three times S.


Three Times S 7.24.2015

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




The God Question: It Never Goes Away

         The God Question II (It Never Goes Away)

Why are there laws orderly and scientific,

Guidelines; tidiness from havoc,

Logic looking yet for more:  the unexplored and yet-to-be…

Take a category: love.

Too abstract to pinpoint, like ‘we-in-the-image-of…’

Legend, symbol, history?

Amalgam of each and every thinker, mystic, visionary?

They who’ve always been;

Often hidden: metaphor their only language.

Multi-universes? Well, “my Father’s house has many mansions.”

Fine-tuned to existences with functions unlike ours.

Or is it that It is fine-tuned to mortal powers?

Those hung up on Christian thought have never sought Vedanta.

Deity or cant, It doesn’t care. It’s always been,

Knows the ropes. It made the ropes;

Not in compliance with what we set store by, but

If we believe or not,

It wouldn’t matter to an Absolute.

When you examine boundless, infinite and ultimate,

Unconditional, supreme

Consider what is Absolute; First Creator, Law of Nature;

Yeah, a question, yea, that never goes away.

Always two: the smooth, the friction;

Yin and Yang in every action

Newton’s law: every action a reaction

Equal and opposing: foe and friend;

The God debate that never ends.

The God Question II (It Never Goes Away) 1.12.2015/re-written 2.8.2016 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Life Can Be A Yoga

           Playing At Invention


I take a nail to smooth and smudge…

It turns into a liner

Flattering the lower lid.

I take what’s handy, looking

At its form and form

An instrument inside my head

Which lends itself to hand

And stays.


Life Can Be A Yoga 7.10.2015

Circling Round Yoga II; Found On Scraps;

Arlene Corwin

Inventions Always Supersede Inventions


It’s no wonder the planet overflows,

New designs replacing old;

Exponential as the population grows,

It whispers or it bellows,

Throwing out what it considers

Excess this and excess that

Piled up as scrap that once had use.


More scrap

Will pile up as filthy, fatty crap

That has no use.

We can’t go back in time.

Framed in other kinds of filth,

Enjoying what is bad for health,

The cloth of new inventions is inevitable.


Inventions Always Replace Inventions 3.23.2015

Circling Round Science II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin
















I Know Where To Find You

           I Know Where To Find You


Some months ago, and writing from my bed

I meditated thus, and said:

You have no face,

No eyes, no kidneys:

Have, in fact no special place.

Still, I know just where to find you –

How, in space and now.


I know Where To Find You 9.3.2015

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin

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