Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden #1&2

Because I received so many  encouraging comments on the 1st version written in 2017, I was moved to write a second the elections coming so soon.   Just the morning, after a good breakfast…. A pardon, please, the top poem refuses to increase in size,  Use a magnifying glass if  needed.
(Addendum 8.27.2018) Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden (see 9. 30, 2017 below)
Here it is: the 2nd version
Added to with much aversion.
On Sept 9 there comes a new Premier.
Candidates, vows, oaths alike, 
They still won’t strike at Sweden’s Nazis.
Lots of talk, but not one law
To put a stop to this ignor-ance
Of  fair play and what it stands for.
Violent, angry, sleazy, murky,
The intolerance  abhorrent,
Not to speak of  aberrant.
This awful, lawful party may continue
To start riots, break up meetings, 
Bring their greetings in the form of shoving.
Where is common sense and loving?  
Where can all this non-sense lead 
With dark Nazis on streets of Sweden!
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden 8.27.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden (1st version 9.30.2017)
We have illusions, all.
But most of us don’t want to kill.
I looked it up. 
I asked some simple questions.
Google told me, Nazi symbols are allowed:
In Israel! The USA!
Prohibited in Germany, allowed in Finland.
Austria is definite.  No, no, no, no – and no!
Some countries have no laws at all –
Apparently no views,
Or views so lax
They seem to non-chalate* the facts.
Neo- Nazis plan to march
The streets of Sweden,
Thirtieth September, twenty-seventeen.
They call themselves a neo – 
Their philosophy is old as Hitler,
Old as Wagner, long before.
False ideals, inner lies but outer dealings
Hates delusional, baiting plentiful.
March occurring on Yom Kippur,
Near a synagogue, to boot.
Their aim: to root out, root out, root…
Annihilate, decimate, eradicate,
Means inhumane,
And most important, 
Based on lies!  
Statistical, imaginary, fantasized.    
Nazis on the streets of Sweden,
We do not believe in you!
*non-chalate: I’ve made a verb out of the word nonchalant
because such was needed and could not be found in the dictionary.
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden 9.30.2017 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

From Popularity Comes Danger

I never remember what poetry I’ve put on Facebook or even on my own site, Arlene Corwin Poetry. And I’m much too lazy to check. (I suspect that that’s the danger when one writes everyday) If you’ve read this before well, read it again.
It just is what it is. The fact that Sweden’s smuggled weapon rate has skyrocketed since the Malmö-Denmark bridge was built – as has the crime rate. A good example of the dark side of the moon.
The dark side of the bright side.💭
From Popularity…
(comes danger)
From popularity comes hazard,
Risk of peril,
Boy or girl at danger’s call.
From anonymity comes shelter:
No one knowing you at all.
Every country loves its tourists –
Bridges, tunnels… easy access;
Weapons, drugs,
Lawbreakers, thugs:
In short, new foes;
New secret foes that no one knows.
From popularity come woes.
Self-imposed expansion low.
Moderation is the answer,
Modesty the balancer
Of friendliness
And isolation.
From Popularity 4.17.2017
Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin

Going Into Two Eighteen

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Remember, time is not of the essence – you are!

       Going Into Two Eighteen


Whether you say two eighteen,

Two thousand eighteen,

Twenty eighteen,

It’s of little consequence.

Change is coming three days hence.

Are you looking forward, backward?

Being in the constant now?


Eighteen is a lovely number, don’t you think?

On the brink… full of promise

That the best is coming to us!

Lowbrow maybe, but my now.

Peasant-like or fluffy, but,

A thoughtful possibility

That makes me happy and serene,

Looking forward to a two eighteen

A new but evergreen Arlene.

Going Into Two Eighteen 12.29.2017 Circling Round Time II; Arlene Corwin



All Kinds Of Celibates

I do hope you, the reader gets the spirit of it.  It’s a holy one, I assure you.

               All Kinds Of Celibates

When a celibate wakes up each morn

Morning hard-on,

Morn’s erection,

What’s his action?

Question that one stumbles on

Which no one seems to answer.


She, a nun with husband;

Neither Jesus kind,

Nor Buddhist nor

Whichever kind is self-denying,

Disciplining mind

She thinks of One – this nun.

She cooks, she cleans,

Has lovely sex within her means.

Still, stilling brain,

Directing it in one direction.

Works it through without tradition.



Have you thought about,

Thought out or fathomed what

This non-tradition shackled nun is?

She’s a mystic without habit.


Sleuth work, mystery;

Point of issue seldom met,

What is it to be pure and chaste?

What is it to be celibate?


All Kinds Of Celibates 6.30.2014

Circling Round Eros II; Definitely Didactic; Defiantly Doggerel; Arlene Corwin



Morning’s Minute Meditation

This is dedicated to a way of life.

     Morning’s Minute Meditation

I send my heart this morn,

Not with emotion but with intellect –

For one suspects that’s quite okay.

One may think one way

Not necessarily emote,

For one connects in any case,

Each with a modus operandi.

In conclusion,

Not to worry how it’s done

Every bit a hit

(as in reward for effort).

Just one minute needed.

Morning’s Minute Meditation 11.12.2017

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; To The Child Mystic II; Arlene corwin

[Always] SomethingTo Meet Your Need

             [Always] Something To Meet Your Need

Always, in the kernel of you,

In the you that never utters words,

Are worlds of wealth and raw reserves;

Enterprise and talents that you never knew were there,

Faculties to solve the problems

Hanging in the air.

Courses of activity showing up

Because you need their help –

And you’ve become their valve.


Always something there to meet

The need. Some neat support,

Some last resort. Dare it

If you will. It takes the dare.

And all you need is just to be there,

Heart and soul: the whole of you resolved.

[Always] Something To Meet Your Need 11.20.2017 Revelations Big & Small; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Corwin



A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness

This is a nonsense poem – (with serious underwear, er,-tones)!
A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness😥

Used to be but sprinkles –
Noticed not at all.
Now they tackle like white spackle.
Twiddling unequivocally,
Fiddling ‘round with body,
Coddling infernal, venal phases;
Years erasing days by days:
Dismal these abysmal fates.

Sniveling drivels what’s I calls it.
Aging’s evil too: a cru-
Of nature to confer on one
This rotting, drying up
When beauty used to be a buttercup
And one was used to “Whoopee, what a gorgeous pup!”

This, a consciousness in stream,
Dreaming’s hiccup,
Real world’s misshapen sidestep, kidnap, mishap,
Final deathtrap.

A Wrinkle’s Stream Of Consciousness 12.20.2017 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin

Talk To Yourself

     Talk To Yourself

They call it meditation.

Finding the silence, or at least,

A piece of peace.

It, using pictures, often language.

What a tool, this language thing

Born into time’s beginning.


I talk, inevitably landing in

A giving in, words running out.

I question, pray, request, inquire;

All require words, a chat,

And chat can prattle, babble, rattling on,

I even chew the fat.

It all turns into giving in.


We have a nice relationship, I and me.

One reflecting all I need.

You may call it God: That’s good. Importantly,

You should converse with brain

Again, again: a conversation

Heart-to heart. Mentioning

And giving in,

For in the end that’s all there is:

Your message will come forth.

Talk To Yourself 12.17.2017 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Corwin



A scien’terrific, spiri’tool

To fool around with; a reality

The best of microscopes can see

And measure.

Pure arithme-ticking over,

Showering the brain with light;

Sparks queueing up in scans,

A cue to IQ variations, and

The more the better.

Riches of all human wishes lying there

Waiting to be bared then shared:

Nature in infinitude.


One good turn deserves another;

One good synapse serves another.

“Wakey, wakey” here comes knowledge!

Insights new, fresh out of college!

Insights causing you to grow;

Daring you to dare to go;

Blowing horns you dared not blow.

Synapse and invention new;

By definition a new you.


I’m signing off with love (or luff),

This synapse stuff the glove

That warms,

Synapses’ arms

The magic charm.

Synapses 12.9.2017 Circling Round Science II; To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Corwin



I Was Thinking About…Orgasms

     I Was Thinking About… Orgasms

I was thinking well,

That orgasm is just orgasm:

That and only that.

So what

Is all the fuss about?

It’s over when it’s over.

Then it’s over.

What is wrong with us?

Making all that fuss?

At eighty-three,

Experiential, observationally

I know.

I knew that many years ago.

And so, I thought I’d share this piece of wisdom: wisdom’s peace.


I don’t imagine any creatures

In the world of nature

Go around with fantasies.

They’re made to do it upside down and right side up

Sideways, frontways; ways that burp and slurp and cup;

After courting, both exhausted,

Nothing forced, small joust completed,

There’s an end.

Splendid seconds or whatever,

He goes his way, never thinking back with fever.

Neutral fact, passing act,


We fixated.

Org-astic yes, fantastic –

But at best, an instant.

I Was Thinking About Orgasm 12.6.2017 Circling Round Eros II; Arlene Corwin

* orgasm |ˈôrˌgazəm|


a climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.




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