If I Had An Editor

If I had an editor outside my self,
Beside my self, my book –
It well, it might look different;
Prettier, more organised, readable, a better font,
With chapters and a bookmark
Sewn and pliant,
Layout starkly more attractive,
Poems easier to get into,
The Corwin world, no matter how obscure,
Would lure and draw you,
Corwin’s world alluring.

It is hard work to work alone,
Be spurred on by and on one’s own.

One tinkers with the stinkers;
Sometimes poems are crap,
And only when one’s left them,
Coming back, re-read them,
Can one throw away the scrap,
Take out the kernel and begin again.

One might have written one in ‘ninety-one,
Gone back, begun
And finished with finesse two thousand ten.
There’s just no way of telling when.
Creativeness takes time, has no intent
And knows no end.

So, if I had editor:
An agent, marketer – in short,
Someone with faith and energy and zeal,
Belief that Corwin has a keel
Of base stability, validity and beauty,
Then the opus might look individual –
Downright extraordinary.

In humility,
I would guess
This ode/hypothesis
Applies to all and each.
So’s not to preach
I dedicate this bit of fluff
To everyone who writes this stuff.
If I Had An Editor 3.20.2019 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Does The Universe Have Consciousness?

To all my Facebook friends who have and do not open it, or my non-Facebook friends do not have it at all. Also to my friends who have never opened my Arlene Corwin Poetry.com site but who I think might be interested in this speculation.

I suspect it is so.
Things come and they go,
Obeying some laws we can never know.

Particles that pass from time to come
To time that’s passed,
The neither lasting
Long in taking
Shape or termination.

Yet there’s oneness:
There’s a uni-verse,
Maybe a multi-verse stuck in a universe
Larger than this.
Kissing outer-verses
Nursed by a causal consciousness
Supreme and prime:
Consciousness Time, consciousness ‘I’m’.
Consciousness Name, consciousness Aim;
Consciousness in which all life is totally the same
Inside its form, its formulas and formlessness,
It’s symmetry and chaos –

So, in thoughtfulness (that also comes and goes),
i have a hunch it is so.

Does The Universe Have Consciousness? 2.24.2019 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

On A Personal Note

Hello! 🧘‍♀️ ✍️

On A Personal Note
(re-worked, which always means improved )

Mind broadening or deepening
Lately, daily, palpably.
I sense it in the attitudes, perception
Where a whole takes over eyes and brain.
How to explain it?
Word ‘ineffable’ makes headway,
There at hand but not to say.

The more I use the frontal lobe,
The deeper in this tattoo molds
The hemispheres with all its folds,
The globe
Of intellect and intuition reveling
In links on every level,
Interwoven at each bevel.

Unpredictable as it is puzzling,
One is grateful for this chiseling;
Sharpening and steeping
In a marinade
Of God.

This, but one small cry of ‘halloo’.
Never would I force this view on you
Or you or you… The note
That’s coming from my throat
Is info to construe
As you
Would like.

For me, it’s just a small account
Of some sort of detached amount
Of mind enhancement
To any single soul who’ll listen,
For it glistens in its litany.
(At least for me.)

On A Personal Note 2.23.2019 Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness II; To The Child Mystic II;
Arlene Nover Corwin

Seeing Globally🌎

Seeing life events,
The personal, the distant
Perceiving universally
Changes forces and the focus
Of your conversations;
Synapses of mind and brain,
The body parts involved in same,
The long term
And the goodness knows what else.
All global hints of sameness,
Hints at Oneness universal
Every tint of hint, but probable.
Nice isn’t it!

Seeing Globally 2.22.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin


Seeng Globally 2.22.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

I Don’t Think I Want Fame 📸

I Don’t Think I Want Fame✍️

I don’t think I want fame;
It takes so damned much time.
I glance at Instagram.
It’s so demanding, damned demanding,

If it doesn’t come to me
Completely freely,
Then I’ll offer up pursuit. It doesn’t
Suit my person;
Talents, aptitudes – not one.

Photos those –
Keeping up and putting on
Day after day each movement’s fuss –
What’s vanity but narcissism!
Infantile tourism
Of the global kind.
Left behind a schism
Between means and end.

Transient, short-lived, fame’s a trend:
Here today and gone the way it came.

Synonyms you ought to to learn:
Fleeting, fading, fugitive;
Momentary, temporary:
Life that has no real live.
One could go on, on, on and on.

I do not want to spend my time
On something that is here and gone:
Never really here: illusion.

I Don’t Think I Want Fame 2.19.2019 Circling Round Vanities II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Happy & Handsome

Photo discovered on Facebook’s ‘memories’. Wow!😀🥰😍

Happy & Handsome💕📸

Someone took a photo: a man & wife photo.
A charming libretto, bel canto, a logo
For gladness and love.
She looked so happy and he looked so handsome.
The whole photo sunny, the whole photo winsome.

As poet I thought, “now therein’s a title”
And so it began, the pondering whittling
An essence and extract distilled from above.

Simple and peaceful, the pair almost playful
And prayerful, the photo caught all.
Stability shone through. Harmony too.
Cheer bursting through to complete all the virtues.

Someone took a photo which wound up on Facebook.
A picture to spread to the heart with a lace like
Impression of sweetness.

We thank you whoever…wherever you are
To take such a photo and make it a star.

Happy&Handsome 2.12.2019 Love Relationships II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Long Gone

I was reading Jazz Wax (a great site written by Marc Myers: highly recommended) where he was telling me that two of the ‘famous’ clubs I worked in in New York were ‘long gone’. I thought ‘long gone’ was a perfect title and so set immediately to work. This may not be the best of poetry. It only took me 20 minutes or so. But I like it anyway.

         LONG GONE🎹👩‍🎤

I read about the clubs I worked in;
New York clubs where I began.
Read their names, which throw me back
To days of playing nine to one
Or ten to two, 45 long minutes on
And fifteen minutes off;
A long, long night to play my stuff,
Smiing, singing soul and heart,
Playing changes I hoped smart,
And always learning and collecting songs:
Now those clubs are all long gone.

I suppose we all have places, people,
We call gone.
Ones which spawned one’s present form;
Times we were a pawn of time
And didn’t have a clue to climes
And days to come.

I don’t look back.
It’s not my nature.
All were steps: a nomenclature,
Nothing more.
I’ve put it all to pasture,
My reality a better now.
On the other hand,
These ‘long gones’ helped me grow.
I wouldn’t be if they’d not been.

Still singing, playing ‘spite the wrinkles.
Learning tunes that make me tingle.
All that ‘long gone’ was my own,
Reminiscing just an hour of fun.
Thank you fate and karma
For the way you form the day
And what it means, meant, leads to
In completing all one’s needs.

Long Gone 2.9.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Copycats (revised version)

COPYCATS ALL: AN ODE TO PEP YOU ✍️ revised version

We’re copycats all – and it’s healthy.

Coins have double sides, so naturally, 

One can spend months, years, just days
Courting the wrong face of pennies.
It can’t matter.

Everything we do is cluttered;

(slightly, very, copiously, lots)
The moment’s mind-state fixing choice.
So give your voice to instinct’s sense
That does so matter
As you climb the human ladder,
Mindful of each phase’s border;
Copying what touches, reaches,
Even from the cheapest bleachers.
As you climb the steps.
This tiny ode is here to pep you.

Copycats All: An Ode To Pep You 1.24.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Copy Cats All: An Ode To Pep You

   Copy Cats All: An Ode To Pep You✍️

We’re copycats all – and it’s so healthy.
Coins have double sides, so naturally,
One can spend many
Months or years or days
Courting the wrong face of the penny.
It can’t matter,
Mistakes are clutter we must make,
The moment’s mind-state fixing choice.
So give voice to the instinct’s intuition.

As you climb the human ladder
Keep in mind that no phase lasts forever,
Copying what reaches you, which touches you.
As you climb the steps
This tiny ode is here to pep you.

Copy Cats All: An Ode To Pep You 1.24.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Year After Year: More Love

Found on a scrap of paper being used as a bookmark and dated 12.19.2017. The content was vaguely structured and unfinished, and seemed to be directed at a two people relationship. As I copied it it took on a life of its own and wound up as something much broader than that.

Year After Year: More Love💕🧘‍♀️👫

Year to year
I notice that I love you more.
What mechanism is at work?
What key? What trick?
The love is tenderer and steadier,
Patient, free and headier.

Love is giving.
Giving means the gift of living
To the giver and giv-ee,
Who doesn’t want to live in perpetuity?

So, morning, noon, and night
It’s fair to say that love is light
And maybe Light in deepest essence.
So I thank whoever for its presence:
Who, where and whatever
Put this love in gear
To make it more
Year after year.

Year After Year: More Love 1.24.2019 Found on scraps; Love Relationships II; To The Child Mystic II; God Book Ii; Arlene Nover Corwin

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