[There Are] Things You Can Never Change

[There Are] Things You Can Never Change

 You make provision for; you train,

Prepare, do anything you can,

And still,

You have to deal with the moment:

Variations never-ending,

Ever modifying and evolving

Subject to the will

Of something your own will,

Will never understand.

(why do you think there are so many meanings to the word?)

Good luck, and blessings on us all.

May we cull the best from life in every world

That may/may not exist.


[There Are] Things You Can Never Change 11.25.2017

Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

An Eighty-Third

Tomorrow is the day and I decided to  explore what I feel about it.

                  An Eighty-Third

Ego there, but something’s going;

Some things gone –

Both nice and nice’s antonym.

Prefix Nov- linguistics’ whim –

What does it stand for?

One cares less and dares much more.

Nov means nine but mine’s eleven:

8th November, month eleven.

November eighth; November, Nover.

Arlene Faith “is now in clover”*.

Still, one has reached an eighty-three, (one being me)

We’ll see

What life has left at all…

Life being so irrational.

Et al.

*written by my 6th grade teacher Mr Martin when I graduated from public school

 An Eighty-Third 11.8.2017

Birthday Book; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Nover Corwin






Seventy & Eight

Seventy and eight:

You’ve set aside some vanity.

What was it but priority?

And some priorities have changed.

Acceptance of some disappearance;

Change of balance, skin that’s run the distance,

Re-arrangement of the substances inherent –

or you thought..


When you’re nearing birthdays

Each and every twelfth damned month,

You shun

The cant if you’re observant.

‘Happy Birthday’ not so plain.

This has that… and that’s a pain.

Marriages have come and gone,

You’ve eaten everything on offer.

Gone the need to empty coffer entertaining.


Suffering more neutralized;

So many friends and kin have died.

You’ve channeled drives

That used to thrive on pleasure.


With a birthday coming up

You’re going down each second’s unit

So immeasurably tiny you can’t count it.


Here is where it gets didactic:

Birthdays coming up – don’t hope but have it.

As for vanity, retract it.

That’s it.


Seventy & Eight 10.28.2012/revised 8.27.2017

Birthday Book; Circling Round Vanities II; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear

   Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear

Happy birthday once again,

Daddy dear. April fifteen,

And you’re not here to share it

For you died so many years ago.

(the year before we reached two thousand).

But the fifteenth rolls around

And somehow sounds a chord inside me.

This year happens to be

Pesach, Easter;

Easy to remind myself.

You would have been one hundred nine –

Not unattainable

As age today.

But still you went celestially.

I hope you’re happy

As I wish you happy birthday anyway.

So with a happy memory,

I’ll say happy goodbye

And start

A hopeful, happy day.


Happy Birthday, Daddy Dear 4.15.2017

Birthday Book; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

Happy Birthday, Dear Departed Brother


We weren’t awfully close,

You far away in Hollywood,

I, far up north in Sweden.

But our soft sibling emotion

Never dwindled, for

We loved each other dearly,

Maybe more than siblings dwelling near,

And so, each wrinkling year,

When February fifteen comes around

(one day post-Valentine)

It’s effortless to love-propound

Through past and present anodyne

What’s lived no more, consigned

To storied history,

A morning, mourning benediction:


Happy Birthday, brother true.

I’ll always miss you

Just a bit,

Whenever I can think of it –

Like at this moment.


Happy Birthday Dear Departed Brother 2.15.2017

Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin

So Have A Happy Birthday ( a birthday present to my beloved)

         So Have A Happy Birthday

(a birthday present to my beloved)


It is a challenge these days to find ways

To praise and honor birthdays of a man

Who’s lived for seventy and nine decades,

Seen much, done much. Time’s memory fades,

Almost like dreams you can’t remember.

So the number

Doesn’t really count.

It’s the amount of joyfulness that does.


One more year and you’ll be eighty.

What will I say then when I

Can hardly think of what to say

Now that you’re reaching seventy and nine?

I reason from the handsome man I see before me

That you’re fine.

And though sleep doesn’t stay

The way it did some years ago,

You work (and walk) and play,

And all in all, you and I know

That life is good.

So put yourself into first gear

To have a pianistic year,

Good intonation and good ear.

Eat your food

With appetite;

Continue making love at night –

And morn

While thanking God you don’t need porn

To stimulate.

Actually your life is great,

So have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


So Have A Happy Birthday 2.8.2017

Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin



I’ve Had Many Names

I’ve Had Many Names


Arlene Faith









But the last

Which was the last,

Which is the last.


Still, one is fastened

To the first –

The very first

One got at birth.


Now that this life is all but over,

Though one might rove some twenty more,

(Ending in you-know-what,

Though you do not think about it)

Arlene Faith Nover,

Has had many names.


I’ve Had Many Names 10.16.2016

Pure Nakedness; Love Relationships II; Birth, Death & In Between II; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin


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