Cat Rescue

       Rescued Cat

(To Veronica, his rescuer)

This very eve

A cat retrieved

From execution –

(Known as ‘putting it to sleep’

In worlds polite.)


I am relieved.

Others too –

Others who were grieved

At contemplating Mickey’s plight.

(We’ve named him Mickey.

It seems right.)


Every living thing loves life.

Who’d take the life of such a creature?

Harmless, causing not one other creature

Strife? Well, mice of course:

A course he takes out in the wood,

Hunting out there as he should.


Saved by the bell.

Saved from the hell of being killed

By skilled hands, skilled injections:

“Put to sleep” a healthy, pretty cat rejected.


Time to cheer.

A darling, eager friend

Consulting friends,

And friends of friends

Until she reached the blessèd end

Of finding little Mick a home.


Cat Rescued 2.15.2017

Cat Book II;

Arlene Corwin







Gustav The Cat


Gustav’s had

To be put down.

The day was lovely, light, pristine.

Gustav Cat, gregarious and household king

Gone wandering –

Disappeared the past few days,

Back, sick, no visible, familiar cause.

And then the news:

A chronic and/or fatal illness

Common among felines.


Put down – an awful phrase –

Sent up to a pussy paradise: cat-adise.


Tuesday’s diary:

Part beauty and part tragedy.

Gustav Cat, well taken care of,


A gorgeous little creature

With destiny unknown,

And, it seems

A destiny he did not own.

Do any of us?


So we mourn,

The mourning will not be postponed!

We mourn.


Gustav The Cat 7.6.2016

Cat Book II; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin



Albert Cat’s Fifth Birthday


When the stunning long-day Swedish light

Is such and such

And I don’t want to leave the porch,

Don’t feel much like writing.

I abduct myself,

Grab A4 paper off the shelf

To write some trite-ish anything,

This very Friday being

Albert Cats fifth birthday

Which we try not to forget each May

With couplets

Or a varied version of,

To not forget

how old he is,

And partly to pronounce our love.

(a kitty-kitschy way to dote, one must admit).

Red-furred, a coat of note,

Unusually pretty, [he is]

Witty in a cat-ish way.

(Which takes some reading into)

For although he doesn’t care a bit,

We celebrate, devoting every fifth of May to

Albert’s felin-inity in birthday card format.

Happy Birthday little Albert!


Albert Cat’s Fifth Birthday 5.6.2016

Birthday Book; Cat Book II;

Arlene Corwin

Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?

Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?


“Curiosity killed the cat”

Oh no,

It raised the cat IQ

Because of that investigative will to know

What lies inside each hole

And carryall,

Behind each bush,

The very fall a-cushioned

By all fours;

Doors there to lead to food,

Bed, mice or other goodies.

Stings he gets,

Clawings at,

Every lizard tail detached,

Pupils widened for the light,

The night,

The sight;

Smells, ears –

These senses sharp as shears;

And sneakings, creepings, climbings high:

All signs of curiosity to learn from.

Killed by? Not routinely.

Not enough to be bedeviled by

An axiom!


Did Curiosity Kill The Cat? 8.18.2015

Cat Book II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II;

Arlene Corwin




Cat Intelligence or Watching Albert


If someone gave me food each day,

And there was no one else to do it,

I would hang around that guy – and stay.

There isn’t much to separate us.


If someone stroked me,

Giving small massages while I sat upon his knee,

AND provided food when there was no one else to do it,

What would you do? Too!

Who needs foie gras?

Fire stoked, hair brushed, back stroked,

Mouth fed?

Would you not be devoted?

Scrounging never,

Lounging on a cushioned lap,

Secure that when the nap was over

You could rove about wherever,

Play and never

Forced to work a day –

I call that IQ

‘High Q’ –

Very high!


Cat Intelligence 6.10.2015

Cat Book II;

Arlene Corwin



Four Years Old Today 2014

Four Years Old Today


Four years old,

And you deserve a card,

A poem,

A cat-ty ode

To celebrate

That you’re a cat

And we appreciate



We are so happy




And give us

So much pleasure.

Let us pour out

Smiles of blessings,

Miles of blessings

From the heart.

Happy Birthday Albert!


Four Years Old Today 5.6.2014

Birthday Book; Cat Book II;

Arlene Corwin



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