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Bending Over A Bathtub While Thinking 2012

Bending Over The Bathtub While Thinking


Brain I am in touch with you.

You are the You-niverse,

A You-knowverse which knows you back:

Back, front, and sideways.



Nothing going on ‘upstairs’.

As I become aware of staring

Where there’s nothing’s going on,

Transformation in a second.

Change within, inside the mind.

I bind myself to it: it’s beckoned.

It: the flashing nano-minute.


Standing up and going out,

Picking up a tome I’m

Reading, I resume

The all-plebeian ordinary daytime.


Bending Over The Bathtub 6.19.2012

Circling Round Baths II; To The Child Mystic II;

Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin

Love Relationships Change 2011

Love Relationships Change


Love relationships transform:

Their own dynamic force;

Their own dynamics:

So do you.

In the bath (as is my wont)

I think about

My mother, dead

Since two-thou…  something, and I think:

She did so much for me, I dread

To think: harp lessons,

Voice, piano…

Someone who had

Only reached the seventh grade,

Then out to work – a teenage maid.

Sewed me clothes,

Gave and goodness knows…

From love’s concern,

Burned for Arlene.

How to measure wounds and hurts,

Faults versus virtue

Against the sacrifice and faith:

On a scale of support,

It’s sudden insight,

One repents.


Love Relationships Change 8.10.20112012

Love Relationships; Circling Round Baths; Mother Book;

Arlene Corwin




Once More From The Bath 2012

Once More From The Bath


Thank you God, for the computer. –

It gives room for privacy

To listen inside/out of me

And get it down,

Not forced to see a soul

(except my own).

Thank you for a bathtub,

Callous softening in peace –

A place

Where I can lift a leg

Behind my head

And not succeed.  (I never do).

But with no hundreds to behold me

I can keep on trying,

Lying there.  Thank you.

Giant, tiny oxymoronic gifts are mine

While barren, impecunious, impoverished

Of every age define their lives and are defined

By piles of garbage – soggy, squelchy;

Luckless, hapless, poor

On other levels too

While I’ve got bath, computer,

Endless water;

Lucky, favored.

Thank you.

Once More From The Bath 5.10.2012

Circling Round Baths; God Book; Circling Round Computers;

Arlene Corwin

After Last Night 2012

After Last Night

Sitting in the bathtub thinking

What a pity

That the memory

Gets in the way of now.

Last night’s success

Completely gone –


Spent absolute.

No substitute.

If time is taken

To think ‘then’

(Just hours ago),

A method

To make then a ‘now’


Losing the moment?

Maybe some can.  I can’t.


Bath Again 2.8.2012

Bath Book; Vaguely about Music;

Arlene Corwin

Access To Another Reality 2012

Access To Another Reality

My husband showers,

I take baths,

Luxuriating in the tub,

Sitting submarined,

My scrub-a-dub-dub duck around.

My character shows: sybaritic.

Showerer shows his: ascetic,

Doing all his stuff outdoors,

I train on floors.

He takes his walks,

I, talk in my computer talk.

Who’ll live the longer?

I in my enameled bubble,

He in his one day of stubble.

We are happy;


Both doubly good and bad

In more than one reality.

Access To Another Reality 1.17.2012

Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin

My Drug Of Choice 2011

My Drug of Choice


My whimsy,

No one paying me – I guarantee –

My drug of choice is coffee.

A little bit embarrassed, still

I must admit

That getting up and out of bed,

Productive, calm, ideas in head,

With energy the captivating motivation,

It’s magician caffeine,

Slick with tricks

Transfixing and converting dullness

In the intellect

To masterpiece,

Accomplishment, t

The scent of genius

In the air

– all there –

Charmed caffeine powers

Potential for some hours,

Then like all things that exist,

Transient, evanescent, transitory,

Drawn to Time by time

Evaporates leaving just – me.


Drug Of Choice 10.23.2011

Coffee Book; Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin



Contiguous Walls 6.30.2011

Contiguous Walls


The white & black,

The front & back.


Sitting in the bath

Awake since four,

Wiped out, inert,

I am the object of a passive flirt,

Eyes seeing skies

On patterned towel.

Letting mind

Determine meaning.

Pushing through, I don’t allow

The view to glue me

To the images I see,

Still not inclined to rise and do,

I soap and soak – amused.

Bent to fuel the symbols squelched,

The bathroom silence snubbed,

And pushing forward and beyond,

I play the mind

And list the attributes designed.

I go to God.

I wash my body.

Strangely filled, no longer tired,

Wired for the day.

Contiguous Walls 6.30.2011

Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin

Hot Bath 2011

Hot Bath


I’m mean;

I’m super economic;

I’m environmentally aware.



I save energy wherever…

(It is wrong to waste it).


There is a sin,

One luxury, one trap

Straight from the tap,

Filled to the top:

A bath at night

By candlelight;

A cat,

His walking act

Along the edge

Defying laws


He doesn’t care;

The temperature,

The narrow ledge,

His tail dripping.

Dearest reader, don’t begrudge

This one indulgence.

©Hot Bath 2.19.2011

Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin




The Day The Belly Fat Came Out 2010


          The Day The Belly Fat Came Out

I was in the bath and watching

As the water drained.



Sitting back and snatching warmth.

Halfway down the tub

I saw the hub:

A roundness

That no diet can remove.

Reproving God and nature,

I sat looking at the fat –

That dominates the muscle,

That has replaced the muscle.

Sit-ups, backbends, cobras, ploughs:

I’ve given in.

No longer thin,

The waist and hip a strain on zipper.

You will have to take me as I am.


will have to do the same. 

© The Day The Belly Fat Came Out 9.21.2010  Circling Round Baths;  Arlene Corwin 

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