Approaching Eighty-Four

Approaching Eighty-Four🌈🧘‍♀️🎹🎙

I’ve done this before:
Approached an age ending in -four,
Each ode not odious, just curious.
We try again, thinking a-fresh,
Looking back perhaps, or not at all,
Each day too precious to make small
By wasting time
Or spending energy so prime
One can’t afford to lose a moment.

So, the four shall represent a forward;
Optimistic, filled with power
For and in the precious hour;
Looking pretty
For each meeting –
Why the devil not? One’s got
A draw full of cosmetics –
Why not use them up,
Take priorities inborn,
Sworn in by gene-filled gifts and such,
And stay in touch.
“Know yourself” says Socrates.
“Please yourself”, says Corwin.
Integrating both, the tightest squeeze
Can be a breeze, can save your skin,
Transform a sin to virtue.

So, this eighty-four
Will use the talents and affections,
Making use of recollections and reflections
For a future
Filled with skilled and skilful, single-minded concentrations.

Approaching Eighty-Four 8.28.2018 Birthday Book; Birth, Death & In Between III; Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Energy; Circling Round Time II; I Is Always You Is We; Lessons To Be Learned; Nature Of & In Reality, Arlene Nover Corwin

Energy The Treasury

Energy The Treasury


If someone asked me what would be

The perfect present

I would answer in a wink without a think:

Energy! And probably

Add peace inside

So I can ride out rough spots;

Tragic phases when they come,

For come they do,

As surely as my name is you.


But this you have to know:

Tough times, though coming – go!

And something takes their place.


Just the same, old chummy peace

Craves energy’s release.

When zest goes into hibernation,

Taking toll on all relations,

I retreat, wait and relax,

Force a hope that it comes back,

Charge up my combat –back-ery,

(My battery) and shrine of latent energy:

It always comes.


I’ve written; chronicle, describe, name, yell;

Called on the perfect gift and goal,

A germ of wholeness:

Vitalizing energy.

Energy The Treasury 7.13.2016(revised 2.25.2017/revised/10.11.2018 Circling Round Energy II; Arlene Nover Corwin



Finding Your Rhythm

         Finding Your Rhythm

 Your rhythm can have heat,

It can have speed.

Depending upon what you need

In the moment’s feat,

It’s very heartbeat.


Whatsoever gives you power,

Your bio-clock

May rock

That hour.


Power by the minutes is what counts.

It mounts by seconds as you play.

It plays,

And you should let it play

Since rhythm’s power never stays,

Permutating with each pulse.


Respect it, for it’s no one else –

The simplest sample of the minute’s you,

All you are and all you do,

Adapting, altering, amending,

Reconstructing and evolving

As you solve new pages,

Entering and leaving stages.


When I play or sing

Finding tempo’s rhythmic swing

Is key; door’s opening

To fundamentals: moving, sitting, cooking, eating…

Finding beat the core and more.


At the bottom your rhythm

Lies a measure of your pleasure,

An intrinsic part of it;

Pleasure in the heart of it.

 Finding Your Rhythm 3.28.2018 Vaguely About Music II; Circling Round Energy, Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin



I Am Guilty Of All My Failures

       I Am Guilty Of All My Failures

 I take the blame for all I’ve done;

Own up to all those failures mine;

Failures from:

Naivetể and laziness,


An focus-less


Yet I’ve managed to fulfill

Some crude achievements,

Accomplishing on intuition:

Not a bad guide, nor a good one.

All sits in the readiness;

Instinct in the readiness,

Prowess in the readiness.


Even if there’d been instruction

I’d have had to wait it out

Until my twenties – eight or seven

When the background synthesized

Into a foreground wise.


Inborn, unshorn weaknesses

That held one back,

In untold ways,


I could say, “Screw it!”

Or complete the work

To fight off other frailties;

Develop and maintain

A lively strain

Of concentrative energies,

So that my foibles will be few-er.

Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

I say, “Do it!”

 I Am Guilty Of All My Failures 3.27.2018 Circling Round Egos; Circling Round Energies; I Is Always You Is We;


Bad Thoughts

         Bad Thoughts

 Bad thoughts in youth:

Energy, gifts given, offered,

Why we suffered…

We knew nothing.

It just was.

‘…wasted on the young’, said Shaw.

This truth endures:

Energies were boundless.

Such a plus and it was us.

But minuses with M, big M,

They were the dross,

The rubbishy behavior of those days

When we paid no mind to the affluence,

All assets.

We were young, un-formed.

But now, formed, social-normed,

What have we for excuse?

Those days diffuse,

We leave those days all honeycombed.

Now we know.

Bad thoughts have nil excuse;

Crave discipline to loosen.

Self-destructive in their essence,

Nuisance to the mind.

Trust this writer: make you blind.

Know thyself, said Socrates.

The phrase that follows – obvious.

Be kind!

You cannot lose.

 Bad Thoughts 3.20.2018 I Is Always You Is We, Circling Round Egos; Circling Round Energy; Definitely Didactic, Arlene Corwin

The Great Lover

         The Great Lover

The great lover:

Quiet, yet beneath a furnace;

Passion without fuss.

The greatest plus!

How can one explain it?

Concentrated, in the moment,

Expectations nil, from self or other;

Blend of lover and of brother.

How can one describe it?

Mind not pushing, body rushing,

Or conversely,

Mind not rushing, body pushing.

Blend of observation and involvement;

Participation all the way,

One might say, creation;

Jazz improvisation, for,

What happens happens.

This great lover is creative,

Not dependent on a pattern,

Yet there is one –

Never monochrome but comfortable like home.

Reader, do you follow?

Do I reach you?

I’m not boasting out of vanity,

But out of joy.  Oh boy!

I’ve got him.

 The Great Lover 1.27.2018 Love Relationships II; Circling Round Eros II; Arlene Corwin


Looking For God (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter)

   “ After decades of measurements and debate, we are now confident that the overwhelming majority of our universe’s matter – about 84 percent – is not made up of atoms, or of any other known substance. Although we can feel the gravitational pull of this other matter, and clearly tell that it’s there, we simply do not know what it is. This mysterious stuff is invisible, or at least nearly so. For lack of a better name, we call it “dark matter.” But naming something is very different from understanding it. Over the past 15 years, for example, experiments designed to detect individual particles of dark matter have become a million times more sensitive, and yet no signs of these elusive particles have appeared. And although the Large Hadron Collider has by all technical standards performed beautifully, with the exception of the Higgs boson, no new particles or other phenomena have been discovered.”

Dan Hooper, Associate Scientist in Theoretical Astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago.

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.


                                               Looking For God

                 (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter) 

Oh, my goodness, Halloween.

Secular as we’ve become we search between

The stars for something we can’t find –

Something way, way, way behind

(or maybe not), for calculations more than hint

At something there. Something here

And all around,

Something we can measure,

Possibly a ground of being –

Universe the metaphor –

Or should one say ‘universes’?


Utterly enchanting this research,

For ‘re’- means ‘one more time’, afresh, again;

We’re looking all the time and then some.

‘Search’, its origin in Latin’s ‘circle’

We are going ‘round in circles

To complete a circle, time and time again.

Looking for design and pattern

Palpable, its charm disarming

And perhaps alarming,

If we ever find it.


Looking For God 10.31.2017

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book II; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.












People Smoke A Joint Because…


People smoke a joint because

It calms them down,

It makes them laugh.

The symmetry

Of mediocrity’s conventions flee.

It also makes them hungry.


Answers come,

And often laughter is the payoff.

Nineteen sixty

Groups ingested LSD

To see more beauty,

Dig into the new,

Change patterns that were old in mind,

Find truths that were not there to find,

Break down, build up,

Sip from the cup of everything there is to sip.

So people drink because they are

More able to shift gears,

Take risks, lose fears.


The problem is to lay off, stay off.

That would be a real payoff.

Get it? Layoff, stay off, payoff?

I liked that.


People Smoke A Joint Because… 5.25.2010 revised 8.8.2010

Circling Round Energy; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin


Started 2008





I Need To Think Of Starts


Everything that starts has sparks of coming into being,

For everything I know through all my senses

Has a life, even the rock.

Tick tock. (its life takes time).

It isn’t hard to think through to a cause primeval; one original,

Pristine: a first! After all, what hasn’t had a first?

With first comes what will form.

Will form forms from a light.

What doesn’t have a core of light?

Without the light there’d just be night,

Light being first in all the firsts.

Completeness not yet born.

(Oh darn, words are inadequate).


In this entirety it isn’t hard to picture bliss;

But with this bliss unhappiness – qualities with opposites:

Good/bad and something in between.

Light and dark, it’s suffix –ness.


If anything will lead to starts,

It’s knowing that and all its parts –

Or is it one?

Now there’s the fun –

Finding out if it is One,

If you and I and we are one.


It may lie in the memory;

This need may start primarily with me.

I need to think of starts.


I Need To Think Of Starts 8.1.2017

Nature In & Of Reality; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin



Energy The Treasury

If someone asked me what would be

The perfect present

I would answer in a wink, without a think:


And probably


Peace inside

So I can ride out tough spots,

Tragic phases when they come,

For come they do as surely as

My name is You.

But this you have to know also:

They go

And something takes their place.


Just the same, old chummy peace

Craves energy to be released.

When Mr E goes into hibernation

Taking toll on all relations,

I retreat, wait and relax,

Force a hope that it comes back,

Charging up my back-tery.

A temple of potential, energy!


I’ve written poetry,

I’ve called for, chronicled,

Describing, naming, yelling, telling for,

It is the germ of wholeness.


Energy The Treasury 7.13.2016

Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin



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