The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light

My last poem Some Kind Of Sadness got such poignant responses, I had to write this too.

       The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light

There is the sunny side:

The bursting green of tree and bush,

The light, delight, the precious puss,

Processes key to happiness.

A breakthrough, negatives decried,

And you


Taking in,

All full of beans.

Within your day, the friendly means

Of sun, the birds, the cozy cat,

The light within,

The light without.

You, the end result content.

The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light 6.29.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin







We’ll Call it Global Warning

   We’ll Call It Global Warníng


Global warming

Is alarming

‘cept when hot

when it should not.

It’s always thrilling

With a spring that comes in March.

Of course,

One may be wrong, but

What’s a robins’ song

Doing in garden mine

When everyone in Sweden

Knows it’s win-



We’ll Call It Global Warning 2.26.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Out Times, Our Culture II; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



Earth Fights Back

Mercury, methane – it’s not retaliation.

Earth neutral, holds not a grudge;

It follows laws, the sludge of dirty oil

And the sea that whitens coral

No revenge just law,

No matter how damned awful it may seem.

As I react so it reacts,

Our pact with nature and its every star.


Perhaps the verb to fight is faulty.

Not a fight, just a response.

Not response, just a reply.

Earth answering, perhaps with love

Obeying laws within, above.


I propose a theme in prose, transposing theme

To poem for those

Who also think in meter

Satisfying, clarifying thoughts,

Allowing them to peter out in symmetry,

Some understanding, amity and harmony,

Satisfied if poem when through

Gets through to you,

In which case

Phrase fights back

Has had impact.


Earth Fights Back 1.28.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Our Times Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin





Facial Hairs Mystify

Facial hairs mystify,

Growing how and where they will,

Which partly sheds light on reason why

They call it, willy-nilly.


White, black, silky, coarse,

All on the selfsame surface –

Growing inward, shooting up and outward!

It’s ridiculous!

At times I curse the space

They call the face.

It shows no logic.

It’s not magic, not strategic,

But some feeble plan of nature,

Some chaotic plan inscrutable

Whose structure is a stricture

On a want of one thing or another.

Keeping tweezer handy

Without ever understanding,

I surrender

To a power

Higher than…

And I give in,

Say a prayer for some unwitting sin

I must be paying for.

Follicles win

Hands down, I mean,

Face down.


Facial Hairs Mystify 10.15.2016

Circling Round Nature II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Vanities II, Circling Round Woman II;

Arlene Corwin





Our Tractor Man

Our tractor man is doing

What he really likes to do:

Clearing snow.

He suits my mental man-with-plow.

Trading pig and cow

For gear he likes to sit inside;

The tractor hut;

Tranquil woods to clear and saw,

Chop and cut;

Tractor wheel, forest smell,

Alone deciding what to fell.

Muddy potholes in the spring,

Flood and crud his tractor´s thing.

Nicely chubby,

Slightly tubby;

Sixty odd,

His tractor and the woods his God.


I esteem this earthy man

Dharma bound to seasoned stars

That fix the farmer life and plan

Unchangeable and stable.

Our Tractor Man passed away 2016.

Our Tractor Man 3.4.2003 (revised 11.19.2016)

Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Time; Special People, Special Occasions; Birth. Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin





Mister Red Shift

Sitting here watching a science program about the next biggest telescope ever built.  To come out in 2018, it’s called the James Webb telescope.  Reminded about a poem I wrote in 2001 called Mister Red Shift, when I was captivated by by the most distant light then available: the red shift.
And now we’re planning to see even further.

Mister Red Shift

The core relationship I have
Is with you, Mister Shift –
Mister Red beyond the skies
At heaven’s end,
Beyond the stars and galaxies,
The disembodied substances
Whose silence is a dearest friend,
And furthest, cosmic-nearest friend
Whose essence never shifts.

Mister Red Shift 6.5.2001
Circling Round Nature; Nature In & Of Reality; To The Child Mystic; Revelations Big & Small; Circling Round Science;
Arlene Corwin

Last Of The Season

So trifling –

Going out and berry-picking.

Then at once your eyes pick out

What mind does not.

Fruits few, and you’ve

A doubled effort,

Legs now filled with lactic acid

For the berries are so separate, so far apart

And so far spread that you’ve a stretch

To pick one cluster

And an equal mental strength

To muster.


Berries big but water-filled,

You fill your pail with ease and skill

Glad that you own much ground

And have such land to walk around.

You know that you have filed your last

Holes, hills and hindrances regardless.


Stumbling – but it’s spongy,

Falling – but it’s mossy,

You’ve succeeded,

Your success half-litered and not needed;

You’ve already liters lidded.


Temperature about to drop

Already showing signs of dipping,

Wind is up

And there is no conclusive feeling;

Berries that are season’s last!


You hope you’ll be alive and kicking

Next year when it’s time for picking,

Now that picking time seems past.


Last Of The Season 9.2.2016

Circling Round Nature II; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin


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