The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

t’s a long title, but worth it.  You’ll see why.  Who can not be moved?  If you like it, share it (as they say).

Love (to the world),


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna

 As usual I watch TV.

Not news but documentary.

“Care and Sustenance of Nature”

Is the theme, wherein I learn

The world’s downfall is not the climate, wars or other,

But the disappearance of the flora

And the fauna.

Who knew? Not I, certainly.

With population out of hand,

We continue in our building,

Take the forests and its bounty.

Must we people mutiny?


In the forests are the flora and the fauna.

Insects, mosses, mushrooms, herbs;

All dependent on the flora.

All reliant on the fauna.


Population out of hand; swelling daily,

How to build for it more wisely?

Species dying out of hand,

We, the ostriches in sand,

Where lies duty, where lies blame?

Where lies power and restraint?

Where lies leadership, and who shall act?

I, you, we who lacked the facts?


Trump has plans to dig the Arctic.

There can be no Noah’s Ark. Bit

Rapes and drills

And why the hell do we need oil?

Will the planet turn into

A windblown, sterile, long dead ‘thing’

Hanging there somewhere in space?

Seen from out another planet, what will be its face?

Green or over-green? Impure for sure?

Caked and coated.  Sun-blocked from atomic war.

Or it could be drowned by water.

What in hell can be/could be?

‘Hell on earth’ no more cliché

But Nature’s unconcerned reality.


The Disappearance Of The Flora & The Fauna 10.22.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





What Is There To Gain? (apropos the morning news)


What is there to gain

By killing six or seven million people,

Insects, plant life, animals and soil?

Bomb of hydrogen

A hundred times more potent

Than the bomb that foiled Hiroshima.


What is there to gain

Except a laughing Kim Jong-un –

In front of cameras that

Will televise to almost no one

Anymore? Not to mention

Money? Trade?

Nearly or completely gone:

At least out of the question.


Of course,

Now that I think of it

What’s there to gain by killing?

Sadly, all the scriptures have it, do it, yet,

Beneath it all is peacefulness

And yes, non-violence.


It’s amazing what one thinks about

While watching news that’s sprouting.


What is there to gain by murdering

A fast becoming hopeless people

Living on a fast becoming heap of scrap

In nature fast becoming put to sleep

For what will probably be

Quite a long, long, long, long time.


to be continued… (not or maybe)


What Is There To Gain? 9.3.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II: Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin





The Meaning Of Life, What?


Peace, love and happiness.

Three words we miss

In every sense.

  1. a) fail to hit it, fail to get it,

Even though it is the tar-get.

  1. b) We miss it as we’d miss a bus,

The muss of ego messing up, missing us.

  1. c) We miss it as in pine for, yearn for:

Miss in every aspect.


Peace. We don’t e’en know its meaning;

Shunning, running fast away from…

Yet we want it.


Love. And that?

The sex? Caress? Compassion and philanthropy?

Who cares for me and only me?

Love, what? All that?

Yes, probably.


Last, happiness.

Contentment without need for rapture;

Focused in the niceness of the now

No matter how

The outer world appears.

No matter what

Emerges as and from your lonely lot.


The meaning? Socrates:

He knew that he knew nothing.

But his nothing had the ring

Of truth. Though youth

Can’t know it doesn’t know,

The issue stays the same,

Theme worthy of its noble aim:

Life: What? The meaning of?

Peace, happiness and lovely love.

The meaning of its process,

More, patently not less.


The Meaning Of Life: What? 8.24.2017

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin






How Are You: The Unpredictability

They almost always start the conversation

With “How are you?”

You say “Fine”.

It is the norm.

Time-honored, automatic, form expected.


Yet, you reach an age

Where you no longer fit the norm accepted,

And you hesitate,

Waiting just a little bit

‘fore voicing back.

Unpredictable tomorrow:

Routine ailments, triumphs, sorrow;

Unpredictable around-the-clock.


Is it wrong to linger?

Wait to answer?

I think not.

To blur convention, slur cliché,

You spur [real] candor

For the day.


When they ask you how you are,

Think of instability

And take a second to reply.


How Are You: The Unpredictability 8.9.2017

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



I Need To Think Of Starts


Everything that starts has sparks of coming into being,

For everything I know through all my senses

Has a life, even the rock.

Tick tock. (its life takes time).

It isn’t hard to think through to a cause primeval; one original,

Pristine: a first! After all, what hasn’t had a first?

With first comes what will form.

Will form forms from a light.

What doesn’t have a core of light?

Without the light there’d just be night,

Light being first in all the firsts.

Completeness not yet born.

(Oh darn, words are inadequate).


In this entirety it isn’t hard to picture bliss;

But with this bliss unhappiness – qualities with opposites:

Good/bad and something in between.

Light and dark, it’s suffix –ness.


If anything will lead to starts,

It’s knowing that and all its parts –

Or is it one?

Now there’s the fun –

Finding out if it is One,

If you and I and we are one.


It may lie in the memory;

This need may start primarily with me.

I need to think of starts.


I Need To Think Of Starts 8.1.2017

Nature In & Of Reality; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin




What isn’t an illusion?

That’s the question.

You aim for fame. Well, forget it – it gets boring

When the door to happiness subsides.

How long before the ride of charm

Turns into gasp; one last-ing gasp.

What circumstance, experience, ambition

Doesn’t turn to opposition

Some time in its life?

One thing turned into two

And diametrically opposed:

Up/down, down/up, then seeing through –a last, last sup.

Illusionary, but that’s not to say it doesn’t matter.

Everything a smattering of truth

For you to act through,

Watching diligently as you do it.

Not to say you must be stiff –

Just act as if

The whole thing’s real.

Don’t let it steal the real you,

That’s all.

There is a real you –

Let’s call it soul

Or essence; outer/inner

Unity of you-nity (that’s funny).

Ok, so it isn’t money,

Gathering (of many things

Such as position, power,

Family and all the things I can’t remember).

Passing, unpredictable, unstable,

Every syllable of all you want

Attainable – but then what?


Illusion 7.1.2017

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin


The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light

My last poem Some Kind Of Sadness got such poignant responses, I had to write this too.

       The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light

There is the sunny side:

The bursting green of tree and bush,

The light, delight, the precious puss,

Processes key to happiness.

A breakthrough, negatives decried,

And you


Taking in,

All full of beans.

Within your day, the friendly means

Of sun, the birds, the cozy cat,

The light within,

The light without.

You, the end result content.

The Sun, Birds, Cozy Cats & Light 6.29.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin







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