I Still Have Ego Left

       I Still Have Ego Left

I still have ego – all its parts.

Is it the ‘smarts’?

Is it the ‘dumbs’?

Something to succumb to?

On the good side ego gives me self-esteem.

On bad, it gives me self-conceit,

Leads me to think sour is sweet,

Leads me on a road that’s wrong:

Vanity, a false self image;

Is that knowledge or mirage?  

Singing a wrong, woeful song?


Do I want to kill it? 

Subjugate it?

Maybe, just an itty bit! 

Why quash, why squash

Distinctiveness, uniqueness,

And the differentness

That makes us us.


Even when peculiarity,

You are you and I am me.

We do not want to change that, yet

The ego fools us masterfullly.

Wresting honesty from wisdom.


So with ego left, the outcome is:

Learn to distinguish real from false;

Take the pulse of life each day 

And play the game of authenticity.

I Still Have Ego Left 8.14.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

July Gone By…Focus August

  July Gone By…Focus August

July gone by, the focus August,

Time in cycles,

Every end a new succession –

This into eternity.

Before we focus on a doomsday,

As so any do,

Find out who you are,

                                 -out, -in,

Omitting past and future,

They but sutures stitching your existence

To a present and a presence

That is younow or a nowyou.


Things end, come out of that;

Forms form out of their essence.

There is no apocalypse so-called, 

To end it all.

Just start, stop, start;

A dwindling or a violence.


The day was yesterday,

July gone by.

Today the focus August.

(Simple metaphor for time

Because it is a cute and simple rhyme)

But you know what I am


Playing with existence.

July Gone by…Focus August 8.1.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin 

I Grund Och Botten Är Vi Lika (At the bottom of things we are alike)

     Living in Sweden, as I do, I’ve often noticed that some idioms seem to capture an essence, are more powerful in Swedish than in my own tongue English and vice versa. Therefore, I’ve begun to take the liberty of borrowing the occasional Swedish idiom for use in my poetry.

 I Grund Och Botten (är vi lika)*

A Swedish idiom meaning At The Bottom Of Things (we are alike)


At the bottom of things: basically,

First and foremost and primarily

We are alike.

Our temperament, our gifts, our faults

May differ, and they do.

But you,

You are the same as me.

I is always you is we!

We are a race: a human race.

But should we race, erase the commonality

That binds us all? Of course not!

We are one in essence, which we got

At birth, perhaps before;

Sympathy, empathy, the virtues, vices;

All the aims a blend of spices

From self-sacrifice to merchandise;

Imprecise, but there at bottom

From the scrotum to the sputum.

All your systems are but symptoms.

At their end a blend of like-ness and uniqueness,

And one race.

 I Grund Och Botten 5.31.2018 Swedish Book; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin







Keen About The Meaning

It wasn’t my intention to write such a ‘long song’. Always having the instinct to keep a poem the length of an A4, the original intention was to write 2 separate poems. Then I realized that the two poems were saying the same thing.         

        Keen About The Meaning

We should be keen about the meaning!

(Isn’t that a darling rhyme?)

What, you ask, what meaning what?

It’s life of course!

A meaning that defines its course, it’s force, its progress.

Life’s life you may say. It may be,

Yet as far as life’s intent,

We tend to minimize its main objective.

Not survival – something more: a true ascent.

Some go by it. Some deny it.

We should chase it because life’s a race

Against an absolute and unrelenting, limited ol’ spell

Worth probing not just for surviving or for breathing well.

There are yummy things worth aiming at:

This game we play, take part in

And would like to win

Contains as trophies: peace of mind and understanding,

Satisfaction and wellbeing.

One more gain: freedom from fear –

Taking in fate’s whimsies with a cheerful air.

(Dalai Lama seems to do it. Others too. You’ve seen it, know it).


Why demean this most significant of questions

When the question in itself

Opens the highway to




Everyday I read poetic utterances:

Poetry of loves lost, never felt, hungered after,

Longed for laughter,

Sorrow at the world’s condition,

Unexpressed scorn and submission.

Everything one undergoes

And everyone one comes across;

Cynicism, doubt, distrust,

Mistrust, injustice, disenchantment.


Yet, I’m always here to say:

It’s true and happening BUT circumstance,

Each energy’s phenomenon

Contains its equal counterpart;

The negative that has a heart:

A parallel but better.

Life has meaning and intention to the letter.

 Keen About The Meaning 4.28.2018 Circling Round Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Corwin


Embedded In The Problem

Good morning!

       Embedded In The Problem

 Rooted in the problem sits an answer

Well inserted by the laws of physics:

Every energy, each action, force

Contains an opposite and equal heart.

Not obvious, because of course

You’re coming face to face with one small seam,

Large though it seems,

With un’s that scream their presence:

“We’re Unanswerable, We are Unsolvable!”

Therefore, the answer, at least at the start,

Is to see the problem as a part

Of opportunity.

That would be smart!

Embedded In The Problem 4.22.2018 Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Corwin


Pushed Around by Fate #1&2

Written this morning, I had an inkling that the title sounded familiar, so I looked it up (bless the computer) and lo! there is was – a poem, not at all the same, written in 1998, twenty years ago, even published under the misprinted title Pushed Around by Fat. Anyway, here they are: Pushed Around By Fate#1 &
Pushed Around By Fate #2* 
I’ve always let myself
Be pushed around by fate.
It’s seemed to work.
Despite the look of life’s mistake,
For even with, [the look] it’s all turned out just right.
‘Decisioned’ choices all the time,
In actuality, each minute primed
By some unknown, because
You choose,
And you are what you are
Just then, and almost have no choice
Despite the voice that says you do.
And so, by following each instinct,
Settling on and coming into –
Sometimes leaving things and people,
Circumstance, all slings that push,
Though backward-seeming,
All’s been a non-rushing forward toward development:
Mistakes the school, awards illusion;
Both mixture of life’s institute of higher education.
I have let myself be pushed around
And probably will all ways:
Flexibility –
In teamwork with my destiny;
Sense accrued through wisdom to distinguish:
In plain English,
Differentiate the true from false:
Big and useless, small but faultless
Things that last or run and flee.
To let yourself be pushed around by fate
Means that you learn to wait
In confidence that things work out eventually.
Pushed Around By Fate 4.9.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin
Pushed Around By Fate #1
Wed at twenty. Thirteen later months a bairn
To care and think and learn about, and very little brain
Prepared to form a life my very own.
Unprepared, reaching out,
Guessing, tripping, dipped in doubt,
Not grown, without a cicerone.
Stupid right down to the bone,
But glad to leave a family home unreal as foam.
Yet now all’s right and all is fixed,
The complex simply un-complex.
What seemed like chaos back then when . . .
Was inner order bordering on
Pushed Around By Fate 8.23.1998/2.7.2007/revised and rewritten 4.9.2018 Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Woman; Pure Nakedness; Time; Arlene Corwin
*Known today as going with the flow or living in the now

OutsideTime: Hawking March 14, 2018

On seeing the Hawking news some hours ago: Be the first to read/react to my reaction.  Not about jazz, not about yoga, but about recognition.

         Outside Time: Hawking March 14, 2018 

No obit this,

But chance to memorize, memorialize,

Tattoo the size of genius,

How it comes to earth in time

Then goes god-only-knows how/where –

Knowing only: not damned here.

Yet ‘there’, by definition place,

Perhaps is space;

Maybe a ‘where somewhere’ in space –

A guess both uniformed and obvious.


Mister Hawking, master Hawking

Freed from chair and ALS,

Cells and intellect’s fine processes;

Mammoth efforts of all kinds

To feed the body,

Read the mind(s)

Of universes.


To record this day inordinately mixed

With sadness, pride, heroics –

That a man second to none

Has been an Einstein all his own;

Whose works we’ll clone (to yet go farther)

For ‘by works you shall be known.’’

God blessed the non-believer Hawking.

 Outside Time 3.14.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Science II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin


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