In A Quandary

In a quandary. In a pickle.

Temptation and dependency;

Enslaved by self-indulgence;

Keenness that becomes a blend

Of day’s beginning and day’s end.


On the bus, inside the car,

Telephone beside the ear;

Walking, talking to yourself? Oh no,

It’s talking to a god-knows-who

For god-knows-why.


Am I the only person

Riled by this phenomenon?

Addiction to diversion

In the guise of help and benefit?

Yes, even these can dig the pit

Of hell-p-less-ness.

Information, facts mind-blowing, quick.

Fascination and allurement on a stick.


Having learned some new found tricks –

Heartening, supportive pick-me-ups,

One notices, (I notice) that the

‘Pickle’ quickly trickles down

Into those risky parts of vanity,

Its need for company

And other longings.


Frisky sports who gaily own

Desktops, laptops, Ipads, smart phones…

Know what I talk about:

Joy that takes you from yourself

While telling you it is yourself:


Programs, sites and violent games,

Interaction with big names –

Presidents and criminals –

All their problematic schemes:

Everything’s on board for every sort:

The bored, the interested, the scared.

The strong, the undecided: snared.


A sticky, tricky, muddled mess,

A sanctuary become quandary:

Game of chess and source of stress

And one we seldom choose to harness;


Can one win it?

I’m not sure. I’m in it.


In A Quandary 7.26.2017

Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Mister Red Shift

Sitting here watching a science program about the next biggest telescope ever built.  To come out in 2018, it’s called the James Webb telescope.  Reminded about a poem I wrote in 2001 called Mister Red Shift, when I was captivated by by the most distant light then available: the red shift.
And now we’re planning to see even further.

Mister Red Shift

The core relationship I have
Is with you, Mister Shift –
Mister Red beyond the skies
At heaven’s end,
Beyond the stars and galaxies,
The disembodied substances
Whose silence is a dearest friend,
And furthest, cosmic-nearest friend
Whose essence never shifts.

Mister Red Shift 6.5.2001
Circling Round Nature; Nature In & Of Reality; To The Child Mystic; Revelations Big & Small; Circling Round Science;
Arlene Corwin

Bad Things

Bad Things

(an idealistic poem)


Bad things and happenings

Are happening, for sure.

But there’s a law,

In point of fact, the first in physics –

That the crucial brick is:

Every energy contains its equal opposite,

And I believe it.


For every plane blown from the sky,

Bomb on board, on ground,

Or other diverse reasons why,

I shall not grieve.

T’would be naïve,

Deceiving sentiment and intellect

To do so.

Good things and happenings

Are happening to even out and purify

The ratio.


As amateur and passerby,

I lay no claim to qualify.

As expert sage and such.

But I’ve observed, sensed, reasoned through,

And come to the conclusion that

Bad things always return to good,

And that alone is true.


Bad Things 11.4.2015

Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Energy; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




Out This Week: Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats

Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats By Arlene Corwin 4 poetry collections in one.
See Xlibris, Barnes&Noble,
Ms Corwin:”In Circling Round Yoga, I’ve circled around varieties of yoga by including such subjects as recipes, thoughts about cooking, meditative reflections and recommendations, direct, unsystematic, and definitely incomplete; recommendations for getting rid of loneliness: ideas that circle around the diverse paths of yoga.
In Circling Round Science it was hard to draw a line between the intuitive, the spiritual, the philosophic and the scientific…
War Book is self-explantory. It’s anti-.
And finally Cat Book, a collections of lovingly unsentimental observations of the only cats I’ve known: Sootis and Albert, who were and are more than a mice eliminating part of my life”

The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It? 2013

The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It?


What can crack it?

Science or theology?

Scientists plus theologians?

Happy accident –

(What we call chance?)

Intelligent design (with purpose?)


You’ve got to ask

Where law itself comes from;

Some that surpassing

Every boundary of the total;

That that tops, outdoes,

Takes in, outstrips and blah, blah, blah…?

Are we so split

In need of faith,

We cannot see a blend of both?

Do we need dogma till it hurts?

It’s probably no, must be blending so complete,

Outclassing us

And all our puny explanations.

The Cosmic Code: What Can Crack It? 11.18.2013

To The Child Mystic II: Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book; Circling Round Science;

Arlene Corwin

What The Mystic Saw 2013

What The Mystic Saw

Is it possible the mystic sees in seconds

What the scientist

Takes fumbling years of trial and test

To demonstrate?

That mystic verifies,

Supported and confirmed

By mind alone, his prize

A grasp and inner understanding;

Some perception instant

And unluckily for us, ineffable?



It is.

What The Mystic Saw 9.26.2013

To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Science;

Arlene Corwin

Inexhaustible Combinations 2013

Inexhaustible Combinations

In the actions of the universe

The mixtures, combinations are un-numbered,

Inexhaustible; each instant a momentum,

Coming into being: showing up.

How strengthening!

What you can become an unpredictable.

A Mozart, Jarrett, Rembrandt, Lars Lerin;

The known, the almost known, the still unknown; your own

Peculiar combination;

Own peculiar star-crossed course.

The secret: giving in.

The stars don’t fight,

The stuff around all giving in

To forces that determine.

The thousand adjectives of force –

The verbs the nouns,

The countless ways, attempts, nuance

To pinpoint energies

That have no end.  And so,

Be daring, never knowing in advance

How this applies to you.

Inexhaustible Combinations 7.21.2013

Circling Round Science; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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